Need advice! Saintonge or Alma BB DE

Mar 27, 2010
Hi, I’m looking for a smaller bag that I can use every day when I don’t need a tote as well as one that I’m comfortable with while traveling...main use would be taking it to dinner while on a cruise or vacation. Daily use would carry my phone and small pouchette plus chapstick. Vacation use probably the same plus potentially a small camera or kindle. I don’t want to be weighed down...are both fairly light? Thoughts and feedback appreciated. Plus modeling photos don’t hurt! :smile:
Jun 5, 2007
I'm biased, having just bought the Alma BB in DE . I think its a great little bag. Stylish and comfortable to carry, very light weight. Which is important to me nowadays, get a bit of shoulder/neck pain from time to time. I'm not sure if you'd get a small camera in it though!
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Feb 13, 2012
The alma bb in my opinion is more structured then the saintonge - it’s softer. I think they are both nice bags but the strap on the saintonge does not detach however it is adjustable on the new Empreinte ones.


Nov 6, 2011
I love my Saintonge, very light weight and comfortable, I've had the alma bb and it was uncomfortable banging around my hip as I walk, and the strap way to long. (I'm 5'4) It would be a nicer evening bag than the Saintonge but for travel I would recommend the Saintonge.