Need advice regarding Preppy Leather Camera Bag

  1. I'm a guy and I'm looking for a small cross body bag. What do you guys think of a guy caring the Preppy Leather Camera bag (I think that's the name.) I really like the look, and I think it looks ok on me. I'm 5'9, 63kg, people say I have a yoga body so I'm pretty lean and toned. Thoughts? I'm considering getting black with silver hardware.
  2. Do you mean this bag?

    It's a gorgeous, clean cut, minimal designed bag. I considered buying it too because it looks light weight but I needed a bag a tiny bit bigger. If you like the look and think it looks ok on you I see no reason to not buy it! Who cares what anyone else thinks.
  3. Yes that's the same exact bag! I really want a small bag when doing errands but couldn't find one that was of good quality at a good price that is also simple and unisex. Thank you! :biggrin: Now I'm loving it more. LOL.