Need advice regarding potential buyer

  1. I'm selling a $2,000 LV handbag and I have a BIN option and a best offer, and I'm starting to feel uneasy and harrassed from a potential buyer. This potential buyer has been sending me over 5 emails a day and this has been for the past 5 days offering me a much lower price than my BIN price. THis buyer kept on emailing me with a lower price and when I would email him back and tell him the lowest price I would take, he would email me right back with a little bit higher price. I keep on emailing him back and telling him that I will not accept lower than a certain price. He had sent one best offer through the BIN, but I counteroffered and now he just keeps on emailing me. And what makes me nervous is that he told me he had purchased a fake LV handbag, that is the exact same style and color as the one I'm selling and doesn't want to buy another fake one, which I understand, but I'm nervous that he will try to do a bait and switch on my beautiful authentic Louis. On Sunday he even said that he would take my lowest price, but needed me to hurry up and send it right away, because he needed it in a couple of days. The other thing that makes me nervous is that he only has one feedback, but it is positive. I asked him why didn't he return the fake LV handbag to the eBay seller and contact his credit card company and paypal and he told me that he bought it from one of the fake online LV stores. Well, this morning I just got another pushy email saying he will accept my BIN and before he buys it now he wants to know how he will be protected and know that it's authentic. I had told him in my email on Sunday that I recommend that my potential bidders contact My poupette or any of the online authentication references and I will reimburse them the fee if they are the winner. I also told him to look at my 100% perfect feedback score and see that I have sold many authentic LV handbags. I'm considering blocking him now, because I don't know if I can trust him. Can someone give me their advice?
  2. YIKES block him and BACK AWAY.

    Do not, DO NOT, sell to this guy. It has fishy all over it - even if he's legitimate and just a persistent haggler who is jumpy after buying a fake, I'd risk the loss of the sale. The fact that he is persistently harrassing you with emails suggests that he will not hesitate to harrass you to make a bait and switch seem legitimate to paypal/his credit card company. Also, the fact that he bargained so hard and now wants to accept your original BIN is so dodgy...

    Look, at the end of the day, he might be legitimate and it's just a coincidence that all his actions to date seem to add up to a scam. I just don't think it's worth the risk to find out if he is legitimate... better to wonder for the rest of your life than get embroiled in a scam later on!
  3. Thanks so much for your reply. I did take your advice and I blocked him and I deleted his last message. He seems obsessed with my handbag. I also contacted eBay trust and safety and gave them is eBay ID. What makes me nervous is that he can also register with a new ebay ID and try to BIN, but I do have it listed in my auction that I will only accept bids from ebayer members with more than 8 positive feedback and no negative feedback, so if he does try to BIN under another ID I will not sell the handbag to him. I don't understand why some ebayers don't follow my advice in my auction, that I will not take bids from members with less than 8 or negative feedback. Thanks again