Need advice re: my Dior Gaucho large double in black with brown trim

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  1. Hello! I am new to this forum, and can't believe my luck in finding it. What a fantastic place to share all these fab bags.

    Here is my dilema...

    In September 2006 I purchased a Dior Gaucho (the largest size double in black with brown trim.) It was love at first sight and I just had to have it.

    It cost 1000.00 British Pounds (I live in Edinburgh, Scotland).

    My problem is I love love love this bag, it's so fab, and so roomy, and so easy to get things in and out of it...however I am really struggling to carry it. I was recently diagnosed with Lupus and this effects most of my joints and these days my shoulders in particular! So although I love love love it, it pains me, literally to carry it. I find it very heavy (even when I just carry a lippy, phone, keys and wallet!) I don't know if anyone else feels the same about this Gaucho, or if it is just b/c of my condition.

    I am really rambling on here...sorry...

    My question is, if I were to put it up for auction on e-bay, what do you think is a fair starting or reserve price? I have the original receipt, dust bag, cont. cards, etc. it is in mint condition. I think I have used it about 10 times. I hate to let it go, and I know I won't recoup what I paid for it, but I want a reasonable price.

    What do you think is reasonable? Think I should wait a while to post it until the holiday frenzy has subsided? Any thoughts at all would be appreciated.

    Kind regards and happy holidays to all.:yes:
  2. Hi Siri Anne,

    welcome to the forum! :welcome:

    I'm so sorry to hear about your condition, but yes, i understand what you mean by how heavy the gaucho can be (and this is coming from someone who claims to have strong arms!).

    As for putting it up on ebay, i know a PFer once put her white medium gaucho on ebay for a starting price of about $500-ish and startlingly enough it didn't sell (she eventually sold it to another PFer though). it seems that ebay is pretty unpredictable these days, but i've seen fakes go up to $400+ for a bidding war. either way, be prepared to not even recoup half of what you paid for (it's crazy!) :sad: so far, i've seen a medium red gaucho sell for the BIN of $799 (used, it was a "third-hand" item - the seller bought it second hand on ebay).

    i think a nice fair price would be $1200 for BIN (which is about 600 pounds) but i'm unsure if it would sell, since it seems as if buyers are adverse to large numbers (people seem more willing to pay $800 when engaging in a bidding frenzy for an item that starts off at 99 cents than simply fork out $800 for a BIN. it's crazy psychology!)

    as for when the prime period for listing an item would be, i honestly have no idea, but i've read a fair bit of sellers complaining about sluggish sales during the holiday period (i don't get it).

    well good luck! if you do post it on ebay, PM me with the link and i can place it in the ebay suggestions thread on the board. it's against forum rules to publicise your own auctions but it's not against the rules if a fellow PFer helps to publicise it for you. ;)
  3. Zerodross,

    Wow! Thank you so much for all of your input. I have noticed the same thing recently with e-bay. So many fakes getting a lot of money and the authentic items close with no bids.

    I think I will go with the figure you suggested for BIN, and just see what happens. I just hope it finds a good home.

    Thanks again for all your help and I will PM you a link soon.

    Kind regards.
  4. Stupid fakes end so's worse when I see very obvious fakes end at over $400...sometimes real ones don't sell for $500, meaning that people can pay $100 and get the real deal!!! :cursing:
  5. :yes::yes:
    too true! I saw an obvious fake going at the high $400 the last time i checked and i've already reported it to ebay many times. they just aren't removing the listing and i feel so bad for the winner of the auction.