Need advice re: International wire

  1. OK guys, I've gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. I bid on a bag at the last moment from a French seller. Most of the auction details were in French, but as I saw that they accepted paypal, I figured everything would be OK. On the section that mentioned paypal payments, I misread the < and > signs and transposed them, so I thought I'd be clear to use paypal. It turns out that paypal is not accepted from buyers outside of France for amounts greater than 200 EUR. They will only accept a bank wire. I'm worried about doing this. I don't think I can have any recourse should there be a problem- with receipt, authenticity or otherwise. And to make matters worse, my bank charges quite an arm and a leg to do a transfer. What should I do?
  2. I would politely ask the buyer to let you off the hook. Tell her that you're uncomfortable with a bank wire... I personally would never wire money to a complete stranger.
  3. Thanks for your input! I could swear I heard somewhere that sellers (and I both buy and sell online) could not put stipulations like that on payments via paypal, if they are advertising it as an accepted form of payment. I could understand if I was unverified and unconfirmed and someone with little or no feedback, but I have almost 1500 feedback and I am both a buyer and a seller on eBay, and a verified, confirmed paypal user. The thought of wiring money internationally to someone I don't know scares me to death! Thanks again for your input. I have a feeling I might have to deal with a negative on this one. :sad: I guess it's better than dealing with a loss of money with no recourse...

    I would appreciate any other input any of you might have!
  4. i won't be comfortable with bank wire. it's too risky for the buyer, and costly too. here, they charge us a flat rate of $25 for every transaction.
  5. I am in Australia and buy alot of clothes on the German eBay (HBoss). I cut and paste the listing into Google language tools for the translation - helps avoid misunderstandings. I avoid sellers that refuse to take paypal for this reason...... it is scary:wtf: to send money to a stranger in a foreign country with no backup if there is a problem.

    I guess the fundamental question is...... how good is the bag??? As a seller you can appreciate if this seller gets frustrated, but you have to be comfortable. Nobody likes a negative but it is better than no money and no bag!!
  6. to be honest, yes the seller can put stipulations like that - if you were the seller and a foreigner had misread your listing, this thread would be a storm trashing the buyer - and I have read that in threads quite a few times. on eBay US I have found tons of times that the seller says: foreigners no paypal, only with confirmed address, no paypal from xxxx countries and so on.

    so what I am saying is: it is your fault, and saying that the seller can't limit paypal payments is trying to excuse yourself to be honest. so as suggested I would very nicely explain you didn't understand the listing 100% and take the negative you will most likely get. what I do when I want to buy from ebay france or other languages I don't speak fluently: i contact the seller beforehand and double-check their terms.

    as for the bank wire: it is a very common form of payment here in Europe - ccs are much rarer and I hadn't even heard of a chargeback until I joined this forum - this is a great recourse when it comes to fakes but like most good things much more often used in a phony way so I guess this is why people have become much more cautious. I understand fully you are worried as once you transferred it, the money is gone.

    but i am sometimes amazed at how easily we suggest chargebacks here in threads when every other thread complains about a 'wrong' chargeback (OT I know..sorry).
  7. ^ i fully understand what you are saying but to be honest, so many threads started by sellers about this stuff and no one ever would suggest that the buyer should be comfortable. if dealing on ebay as a seller and buyer you should apply same rules everywhere. I guess here a negative is better than losing money.

    your advice about double-checking listings using translation sites is a good idea :tup:
  8. ^^I agree with the last poster. You can back out if you want, but you are the one at fault in this transaction. I am careful to avoid auctions that require wire transfers.
  9. very well spoken:choochoo:
  10. I fully maintained all along that I am at fault for misreading the "<" and ">" signs regarding paypal when I looked at the auction. I have a considerably higher feedback score than the seller and as I also mentioned before, I am a seller too on ebay. I have never required a wire transfer from anyone as a seller and when I say I accept paypal, I accept it all around. Not just for amounts under a certain dollar amount. I think in this case, the person just wants to circumvent fees, which I don't think is fair, even though paypal's and ebay's fees are excessive in my opinion. They are a necessary evil for sellers, though. Oh well, I do agree that my dyslexia regarding the symbols make me at fault here, but I just am very uneasy about wiring money. I have no recourse. I think I'll take the npb strike, as I've never had one before and chalk this up as a lesson learned. Thanks to everyone for your input!