Need advice re: Ink color, please

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  1. Hi - I haven't seen this in-person - am looking for a Bleecker leather duffle on eBay - considering ink because it is different than black (practically all my other bags are black!). Does ink really stand out as navy blue? Or more of a grayish blue? Would it look okay with a black leather jacket? TIA!
  2. I have the duffle in Ink and I would say it's more of a gray blue than a navy blue. I would post pics for you but my battery just died. I think it would look fine with a black leather jacket.
  3. It's definately more of a gray blue then navy. I love my Thompson Hobo in Ink, it's a beautiful color and I normally wouldn't get a bag in blue.
  4. Thanks! I think it might be a way for me to have something different than black, but not go crazy LOL:woohoo:
  5. I just got a Bleecker Large Leather flap in Ink at the outlets yesterday (they had the duffle in Ink too, It was beautiful but I already have black, magenta and wine!). I posted this in a different thread, but it might help with you color question. I found the Ink to be darker than I expected (this was a good thing for me). I really like it. Easy to wear with jeans. Here's my photo, hope it helps:

  6. What a great looking bag! I have the medium bleecker duffle in ink and really like the color. Your outlet finds post really has me tempted to head south to see what's there. The key chain/fob you have attached to your bag is really nice. Did you get it recently? or some time ago?

  7. I also have the ink medium duffle and love it. It's definitely a darker grey/blue color. My husband commented that he thought it was black until I wore it with a black coat and he could see the difference. It's a great bag and I :heart: the color. I'm usually more of a black purse carrier (with the exception of my whiskey Ali) but the ink is beautiful. Plus, the bleecker leather is gorgeous and so soft!
  8. I agree that it is a grey/ med/ ink duffle is very smokey dark grey/blue while the ink large flap is a tad more bluer and each ink is unique...can be a bit lighter and more towards blue or a darker/grey toned blue that can almost pass for black. I love my darker smokier blue more...but both are lovely and def. great for those who usu. love to carry black also goes with most everything that would normally go well w/black as I tend to wear a lot of neutrals and blacks...and the ink looks fab w/ those colors.
  9. Thanks! I got the key fob online at around November 07. They may still be available thru JAX:
    Bleecker Charm Keyfob
    Style #: 92186
    Price: $98