Need advice quick!!

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  1. I am fairly new to buying Chanel bags so I could really use your advice on a bag I am seriously considering buying pre-owned. I don't have a problem with the seller as I have bought from her before and I know she is great!! The question I have is about the bag. It is a grey reissue camera bag . I love the bag but I was wondering if it is outdated as I don't see them much anywhere. I guess they don't make them anymore?
    Should I pass on this? I really wanted a reissue flap but can't afford those bags. I thought this would be the next best thing,. Any advice would appreciate. I have to let her know by Monday.:biggrin:
  2. I wish I knew that seller as the reissue camera bag is such a nice bag! :smile:
  3. if you love it, get it! who cares if you don't see many around.. it'll just make you look more unique :smile:
  4. it is a nice bag but it comes down to your personal preference and what you really love! Or search the Chanel WOC is pretty nice too
  5. Hope you can all see the bag I am looking at...[​IMG]
  6. its beautiful!!!!
  7. May I ask what is the price of the bag?
  8. $2600 but she agree to $2400.. is that a good price? She says there is nothing wrong with the bag at all. I don't know what that bag retailed for since Chanel is all new to me.
  9. in my opinion i'd rather get a flag for that price its not worth it. something classic for your first!
  10. I have one Chanel bag.. Jumbo Flap Black SHW Always wanted a grey bag.
  11. perfect then! :smile: See if she would budge on the price a little ..doesnt hurt to ask.
  12. You mentioned you don't think it is worth it? Is that too much for that bag? I have no idea what it originally sold for.
  13. The bag is gorgeous and a classic. it does not have to be a flap to be a classic with Chanel.
    It has the beautiful reissue leather, the chains and I personally had this bag. It is NOT outdated, the shape, chains and leather are classic Chanel. Go for it.
    Many people are looking to still buy this bag and are sad it is sold out.
  14. Thanks so much for that great advice.
  15. just my personal taste however, it is worth it because you cannot find this shape and color so it is worth it IF you LOVE it ;):smile: