Need Advice....possible job hunt!

  1. I have been out of the "actual" job market for over 10 years...and feel unsure on how to start looking for a job...and even what I am qualified to do!!
    For 4 years...I was in charge of entertainment, gift baskets, and anything else that related to making my husbands clients happy while we lived in Hong Kong...and I also managed and was buyer for an internet handbag company that he started.
    I have general office and computer skills....and love to work with people....
    So...does anyone have any ideas??? I have no idea what type of job to look for.....
    I feel like I have skills that someone would appreciate...I am just not sure who!!
  2. Are there any career seminars/resume workshops in your area?
  3. ^^^^ Hmmm....I'm not sure!! I can check!!!
  4. I like the idea of you trying out a career seminar. But it sounds like you could be well-suited to event planning! Or project management of some type. Best of luck as you ease back into the working world! (not that being a mom isn't work!)
  5. totally OT. . .

    OMG!! You're back!? I'm meeting up w/ Noegirl at the Chanel trunk show @ Willowbend Friday, are you available?
    I'd love to meet you eventually!:yes:
  6. Maybe try an employment agency or something or just start looking at ads for jobs available and see if something interests you. You sound like you have a lot of skills that could translate into many different settings. Sorry if that's not much help.
  7. Sounds like event planning or project management to me, GF!! OK i'm biased as I am a PM but your planning and organizational skills will translate well into that type of job.

    ITA a career seminar is a great way to evaluate your skills as well as contact an employment agency or two or three. Talk up your accomplishments in people skills, organization, problem solving, conflict resolution, etc etc...these are the behavior specific types of interview questions that win you the job!!
  8. Thanks everyone for your advice ^^^ I am going to try a job fair...and see how that goes. It is scary to be in my thirties with no career!!!
    Swanky...I want to meet you also!!! I can't go to WB's my anniversary...but would love to get together with you soon!!