Need advice pls!

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  1. So my Decolette in nude finally arrived today and I love it since it was so hard to find a nude color in my sz 35.5 I ordered it on BG but the problems is that there are no dust bag and no little pouch with those extra replacement heels. I really want the dust bag to store them if travel. I did call and chat with BG and they don't care and told me to send it back. My problem is should I send it back or forget about the dust bag? I was very upset when I noticed the dust bag wasn't there since we all paid a good amounts for these. Am I being overreacted ? Thank for reading.
  2. No your not overreacting. It normally comes with dust bags and some with heel taps. I would call customer service and bug the crap out of them. If it comes to the final solution, I would send the heels back and wait for them to be available in a CL boutique or in the CL website. Hope that helps.
  3. That`s the reason why I hate to buy from a non Cl-Boutique. Nobody really cares. Everyone from boutique to customer service is working hard to please their customers and are really really friendly. Never had any bad experience. I would react the same but really can`t help with your decision. I would propably keep them if it was not easy to find the wanted pair and go for an extra dustbag on Evilbay.
  4. That's a tough one. The shoes should really have come with the dust bag and heel taps. I'd also bug the crap out of customer service, but it comes down to how difficult it would be to get them replaced. Have a look on ebay or the dust bag exchange here, and also contact CL customer service to see about the likelihood they will get them in in your size. They you can weigh your options. Honestly, I find that raising a public stink is pretty effective with companies. Tweet about how crappy they BG customer service is about this and how you will only use CL boutiques from now on, etc. Write reviews about it. Bad PR is no bueno, and often, customer service will try and remedy the situation. Can't hurt to try!
  5. How annoying. It's true the bags are essential for travelling and best to have the spare heel tips at hand for repair. I didn't realise they should be sold without these. If you are struggling with finding size, you have such dainty feet, have you tries The RealReal?
  6. I can totally sympathise! It has never happened to me with Louboutins, but did with a pair of Brain Atwood shoes bought from Harrods.

    In the end I kept them. Maybe you could get a dust bag on the dust bag exchange on TPF?

    Do you have any other pairs that you could use the dust bag from for travelling?

    If you aren't happy, and who could blame you with the shocking customer service, send them back and go to the CL online website and ask through there if they can source you a pair from a boutique.

    I have done that before and they have always been so helpful!
  7. To all who replied , thank you for understanding how I feel. I do have others dust bag from others CL but just the feeling of opening the box and seeing it comes with nothing just make me upset. I think I will keep them since I been looking for these in my size for over 6 months now. But I did wrote a long complained to their cs about how poorly this whole experience. Thanks again ladies you guys never let me down.
  8. HI:

    The dust bag should not be a major issue for the store to provide.....I know when I purchase at the stores(Neiman-Marcus, Nordstroms, Saks, Barney's, etc), if the bag is missing, the sales person simply goes to the back room and comes out with multiple bags and places them in the box while they are doing the seems they keep spares in the back quite often.....I have even gone back after purchase(when I forgot to ask about the whereabouts of the storage bag) and they simply hand me two, no questions asked...I guess this is different from your case since you are purchasing on-line and you cannot identify a sales person....but usually when purchasing on-line, there is some indication in the packaging as to who put your order together.....perhaps, include that person's name with you letter of complaint.....anyway, the storage bags seems not to be a major issue to these stores.....I think they are given extras by the designer's distributors just in case they get misplaced or missing.....

    At any rate, I would not return the shoes simply because the storage bag or extra heel tips are missing....too hard to find your size....I have also found that even if the size is correct, the fit from one pair to another pair may be slighty different, so if it fits and is comfy, keep the shoes and deal with the bag separately...don't let the shoes go if they are your size and fit well...just my opinion
  9. Thanks for your advice, I will keep the shoes since it did took me a long time to track it down. I just feel a little disappointment in the service of BG.
  10. I totally understand how upsetting it is to be missing the dust bag and heel taps, but I am glad you decided to keep your Decollette. Those are extremely hard to come by even from a CL boutique. I had to wait over 6 months too. SAs definitely are provided extra dust bags and heel taps so give them hell and get them girl!!!

    Good luck!!!
  11. +1 :smile: they will cave and give them to you
  12. BG SHOULD include the dust bag. No exceptions. I've bought once from the store and another time had it shipped to me. Both times had dust bags. I didn't even have to ask for it. I say keep bugging them about it.
  13. I have heard of the real real consignment store but have never bought anything from them before.
  14. Hi,

    I totally understand, it would annoy me too.

    If there is a CL boutique near you maybe pop in and ask if they have a spare dust bag and heel taps. Just explain it and usually they will help if they can. Otherwise, I am very good friends with my SA, he will give me dust bags and heel taps no problem. I don't mind asking for you and sending them out to you for free.
  15. Thank you for your help, I just don't want to trouble you for this. I will just use one of my others brand dust bag if I need to. But greatly appreciate your thoughts :love::hugs: