Need Advice - Pls help

  1. I mentioned in an earlier post that a 0 feedback buyer ended up buying my item in the last minutes of my auction. She registered w/ eBay just the other day on 2/20/07. I'm pretty sure I will never get paid and understand that I have to wait 7 days to file a NPB.

    What if the person does pay and they aren't verified. I don't want to ship to an unverified buyer. How do I handle it? I doubt she's verified. No way I will take a chance on losing this bag...

    I wish I could just cancel her bid and relist...
  2. Just email her and let her know that you only ship to confirmed paypal addresses and that she needs to just update her info. If she really wants it, she'll go through the extra effort. Don't assume she won't pay because she's a first tiime buyer.
  3. No I don't have any problems w/ first time buyers but I wished she had contacted me prior to bidding as my listing requested.
  4. seriously, only a third of all eBay buyers read the listing...
  5. I know I know...I guess I wonder why people bother putting TOS's on the listing. It does no good.
  6. Get her contact info through an advanced search and call her.

    Then send her a link to set up a paypal account and you'll get a bit o cash every time she uses paypal. :smile:

    If they don't pay within 7 days then go through the unpaid item process and relist in 17 days.