Need advice - pleeeeeeease!

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  1. OK, Ladies (& Gents), I'm going to buy a b-bag this week. The store in Amsterdam has a hobo in Rouge in their store. I haven't seen it, and it's over an hour away from me, but not sure if it's going to be too red. I know there's a bright red coming out Fall 2006 (and I'm thinking that might be too out there for me) and a Garnet colour (which might be too purple). I'm looking for a nice blood red bag, so might the Rouge be it? Does anyone have one? Also, can the colour transfer onto a white t-shirt?

    Also, to the ladies with the day/hobo, how does it compare to the city? I'm 5'10" so would like a large-ish bag so the smaller styles are out for me. I would also like a hands-free bag.

  2. I can vouch for the hands free nature of the hobo, it stay on my shoulder and I forget I am even carrying a bag, it is so light.

    It does hold a lot, so does the city.

    I like my hobo alot. If you don't mind the drive it is worth it to look and try it on.
  3. Thanks Ladies.

    I saw your photos Loganz with your calcaire which kind of sealed the deal on the style for me. I do love your origan twiggy also. The hobo retails here for about €650 too.

    Savannah, how do you search for finished ebay listings? The colour certainly is beautiful, could be what I'm after.

    I do love the city but think I'm after something a little more "casual", and Van Ravenstein only have this colour in hobo.
  4. I've seen that bag in rouge at the Balenciaga store some time back. It was beautiful! I have a Twiggy in rouge. It is a gorgeous shade of red. It is what they call a blue red, not an orange red. You can see a pic of it in a thread I posted comparing the size of the Twiggy, City, and Purse. It was posted in the Balenciaga sub forum.
  5. This was on my watch list, he he...:amuse:
  6. Kat, I love your twiggy. It was great to see those bags together. I didn't realise that the twiggy was the size it is (thought it was much smaller). I'll call the store and see if they can hold it until the weekend for a personal viewing. They've had the bag for about 8 months but knowing my luck someone will go in and buy it before I get there. It's amazing how much cheaper bags are here in Europe!
  7. THis is definitely the bag for you! I have one and it is blood red. I like it the best of all the red swatches I've seen from the atelier site. The new Fall red looks like it will be too bright for me.

    About the style, I've had the twiggy, city, and first, and now I have two hobos. Love the "hands free" option, and the bag is so light I forget it's there. It holds a ton, probably more than the city.
  8. I've got one in the rouge. But the pics make it look at bit brighter than real life. The color is a true lipstick red.

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  9. I have the First in rouge, and I love it! I would have happily driven for over an hour to get it! (That wasn't an option. :sad2: )

    I think you'll be very happy with it! It's the most beautiful red I have ever seen in a handbag.
  10. That is one hot bag! Go for it Cal! It sounds perfect for what you are looking for!
  11. Definitely call and have it put on hold. You're going to love it! Let us know what you think when you see it IRL.
  12. The rouge is very pretty. I would describe it as a berry red. It has a slight blue tone.
  13. Rouge is a beautiful color. Like some of the other ladies have mentioned, it has blue undertones, so it's not overly bright.

    If you are looking for a hands-free bag, the hobo is the style for you. I resisted the hobo for a long time, but I finally gave in recently. And I'm so glad I did; I absolutely love it. The hobo is capable of holding far more than the city bag is. I'm constantly amazed at how much stuff I can fit in it. Some shoulder bags have a bad habit of slowly slipping off the shoulder, but both of my hobos stay put. And they are so light that I barely even notice them there. I HIGHLY recommend the hobo.
  14. Is it really a rouge because I thought there were just cognac/camel, rust/orange and the emerald for spring. The rust is called rouille as well. I'm really confused now because I spoke to van Ravenstein last week and the said that they have lilac, camel and rouille. I really hope it's the rouge because this is such a beautiful colour!I'm waiting for the fall/winter red to come out. I want a twiggy in this colour. OMG the b-bug has bitten me really hard.