Need advice please

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  1. So I ordered a business card Holder in ardoise taigan leather for my hubby for our 3 yr anniversary coming up. Been stalking ups and it finally came today! The problem is I don't know if I should get his initials hot stamped on it. He knows and puts up with with my LV obsession but has never wanted one for himself. So if he really doesn't want it I can get store credit (will be past the 14 days by the time I give it to him). But if he does choose to keep it I think it would look nice to have it hot stamped. I don't think he cares to take a trip to LV to get the hot stamp done if I wait til after I give it to him to get it done. I actually have never gotten it done on any of mine just bc I'm afraid if they put it on crooked it'll bother me. What do you guys want? Here's a pic of it. Im thinking in silver under the made in Spain? Not sure where to put it. TIA!

  2. Beautiful piece!

    If you're not certain that your husband will keep this (I think he would, considering it's from you), I would advise against hotstamping it.
  3. Sorry all sorts of typo looking back on my post :sad: suppose to say taiga and the last part is what do you guys think (not want). My phone keeps autocorrecting everything
  4. I would wait until after you give it to him to get it personalized.

    Having a passion for LV isn't always shared, I wish my family/friends knew my love of all things Vuitton but sadly that's not the case. You stated before that your hubby "knows and puts up with your LV obsession but had never wanted one for himself". Maybe this will be a great starter piece! But to be on the safe side, if he doesn't fall in love with it you can exchange it for something that catches your eye . Your hubby is lucky to have someone so thoughtful either way