Need advice, please...

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  1. I've just read some of the posts about buyers trying to scam sellers on e-bay, and they're scary!
    But I have a problem with a LV bag I bought on e-bay last week. I got it today, it looks like new, is exactly as described, except it stinks! It smells like paint thinner or mold or something in between. I wrote to seller, she says the bag smelled like new when she shipped it out...that it must have been a problem with the post office. The bag is otherwise perfect, and I want to believe the seller, (I did think at first she was trying the scam me into buying a bad bag)so I'm trying to get the smell out... but this is unnerving. Any thoughts? thanks
  2. Did the bag come from Asia? If so, there's a chance it was stored with moth balls.
  3. No, it came from inside US. But I suppose the smell could be moth balls.Haven't seen those since my Mother's time. Any tips for getting the smell out?
  4. baking soda, some people say putting it out in the sun. if its a cloth bag, then you could use febreeze
  5. I recently got a bag with a bit of a musty smell and I put in a tiny box of fabric softener sheets that came from a laundromat - just 2 sheets/box. Left that in for a week or so, and voila!
  6. I 'll try all of these ideas...but I'm annoyed. The purse smelled that way when I took it out of the box. I am wondering if I was scammed, that she sold it that way. I want to believe her when she says the bag was perfect,when she shipped it, but I definitely feel ripped off.
  7. Have you had the bag authenticated? I'm not saying it's fake, but authentication would be my first step after buying bag on eBay.

    There are some threads on the LV forum discussing ways to remove smells from LV bags, have a look in there. Good luck
  8. try damp rid....they are pretty good at absorbing odors
  9. If it's that bad, you can SNAD it if the seller didn't mention the smell in the listing.
  10. Yes I read where the fake bag folks in China usually spray tons of serious pesticides on all goods leaving their country (some sort of customs rule I think) SO... I would be super sure it is authentic. Maybe the seller bought from there? I have heard that these (supposedly it's like mothballs, or varnish, or strong chemicals) smells will eventually fade, but if it's fake and you bought it as authentic, I would definitely try to return this by opening a case with ebay/PP. Post in LV section and get back with us when you find out.:smile:

  11. Eeeeeewwwwww! mmmsc thanks for the tip...

    Is it possible that the seller is the kind of person who would routinely have their house sprayed and regards having stored the bag with napthalene to be evidence of taking care of it well? I have bought a couple of immaculate older bags which were stored with scented drawer liners - one of them took a while to get the smell out. Had to resort to vodka and sunlight (for the bag that was - encased in a washing bag to reduce any chance of fading).

    If you love the bag, and it turns out to be authentic, then is it worth looking at airing it out. I have also heard that Ultraviolet light is a good treatment for any bacteria that might cause odors. Am yet to find a way to get hold of a UV light (the lights for gel nail kits are too small to put a bag into).
  12. I know that bag borrow or does professional cleaning services. You might could check them out if you dont have any luck on your own. Most of the time cleaners wont touch a high end bag just because of the liablity but its worth a shot. I do know that fakes can smell like some serious roadkill. I have seen them at the flea markets and such and they all smell wretched. You can smell them from a mile away!:yucky:
  13. Haha and i thought you were going to say for you, the smell got to you that bad that you had to anaesthetise and sun yourself to get rid of the mental anguish that it was causing :lol:
  14. I would tell the Seller I want to return it. Obviously she shipped it out that way. If she does not respond SNAD it.
  15. Thank you for all of your help. I am doing just that. I e-mailed her telling her that I am returning the bag, and expect a full refund. I just opened up a dispute case on PayPal to protect myself...I jumped the gun by opening a case on e-bay before I gave her a chance to e-mail me back. Since I felt I should have waited to hear her side, I closed the case.
    As soon as I e-mailed her that the case was closed, she -mailed me saying that she was going to send me "a free gift" for being a good customer!
    That was the clincher. I wanted only the bag I bought and paid for... I do not need nor want any "free gift" , which is of course bad grammar, in any case. I will never buy anything on e-bay again, unless it's a seller I have dealt with before. I did not know, that you can also handle disputes on PayPal. I e-mailed her telling her that I am returning the bag, and expect a full refund.