Need advice please!!

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  1. So at first I was not in love with the cocoon bags, but after thinking about it I decided that I must have one in nylon. I called the stores and they were sold out everywhere! Today I went to Bloomingdales to exchange a Chanel wallet and I saw the bag but in the largest size in black nylon, not sure the exact name of it but it was $1375 and I got it. The salesman asked me if I wanted the box, he said it was huge so I said no. Two questions, first do you think the bag is too big, is it worth keeping? 2. should I have taken the box even if it's huge and I live in Manhattan which means space is not plenty, lol. Let me know your thoughts, thank you ;)

    PS I wish I could post pic of myself with bag, but the file is always too big and even when I have tried to compress doesn't seem to work, I have a mac so if anyone has suggestions please throw them my way, thanks again!
  2. I got the grey nylon in the large size and thought it was too big. I live in NYC too and since I can't get in over my shoulder I would have to hand carry it and felt it was too close to the ground for that. The material also felt like it was easily rip and stain. I ended up returning it and getting something a little smaller in leather and more classic. The SA is right the box is huge and I would not bother with it either, I never keep the boxes, no closet space for them.
  3. I would have taken the box and just folded it.. if you ever want to resell, some people would want the box.

    as for the bag, if you're not in love, don't keep it
  4. I am not a fan of this line. But that aside:

    Put all of your purse contents inside the bag and see if it is too big for your daily contents. If so, then you may not need such a large bag unless you want to keep it for traveling or summer beach days.

    If it seems like the right size for what you want to carry, look in the mirror with the bag on. Does it look too big? Is it clumsy or easy to carry. If you like it on you and you find it easy to carry, keep it. If it starts to bug you while you walk around the house with it, then return it.

    If you plan to keep it as a large tote for the beach or traveling, then it may not matter how clumsy it is. As long as you can get it from the car to your beach towel you should be OK. ;)
  5. I don't know about the bag, because I'm personally not a fan of that line...but I def. would have taken the box!!!