Need advice please!

  1. Hi Ladies,
    My SIL purchased a LV back in March of 2007. The Elipse Moyen. In November she discovered that the red lining by the zipper was gone. She knows she didn't have anything to do with it. So she returns it to the LV store here in Scottsdale AZ and they did not want to fix it because they said she did it. After a while they agreed to fix it at no charge. They told her it would be ready within 4-6 weeks. She's been calling for the last 2 weeks and has gotten no respond. She called today and was told that the bag is not fixed yet because the parts are not in. My SIL is fed up already and asked for her money back, which they are also denying. What can she do? They won't even give her another bag. Any advice?

    Sorry for double posting I couldn't delete the other one.
  2. What do you mean by "gone"? Do you mean that the fabric is torn or missing, or apart from the stitching? I can't believe that they would give her a problem like that. Hopefully it will work out and they will fix it!
  3. You know the red lining on the edge of the canvas? Well its completely off from one side all the way around. She's talked to the managers, and the 866 number.
  4. Hmmm......don't know why they would be giving her a hard time.