Need advice please

  1. So i sold a brand new dress last week on eBay for 29.99 plus 7.00 in shipping, the buyer got it and left me possitive feedback and i did the same. Today she email me and told me that she found a rip near the zipper and ask if we could work something out knowing all sale is final. Should i take it back knowing that she might worn it and ripped it or just forget about working it out. The dress material is silk and the zipper is on the side. Thanks
  2. I'd ask her to photograph it and include a photo of it w/ the tags still attached before agreeing to anything.
  3. the thing is that is was sold as new with out tag, i brought it and never have a chance to wear.
  4. If you think it's possible that there was a rip and you didn't notice, maybe ask a seamstress how much it would cost to repair, and then refund that amount???
  5. You know- she had every opportunity to inspect it upon arrival...She has already left feedback which is an indicator of acceptance...I personally would say I am sorry the item was not damaged to my knowledge upon shipment but would refund $5 for quick seam work... if it makes you feel better ~ What do people want now days??? If I bought a dress from a garage sale I would not go back and ring the door bell a week later saying this has a hole in it what are you going to do for me??!? Why are we all being so accomodating? Sorry if my tude stinks but really~cmon people.
  6. i totally agree with that !
  7. I did offer 5.00 to help her out, she refuse and said that she will go through paypal buyer protection.