Need advice please!

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  1. Well I received the black hobo bag just now. I really do love the leather and the shape. However, I paid the price I offered because the auction said the bag was new with tags, never worn, etc. Seeing the bag in person makes me think otherwise. It has obviously been used and there is a smell to it; no horrible but again, enough to know that this is not a new bag. What would you do? Should I request a partial refund or ask to return it? When I purchased it, I was the only bidder with 3 days to go at $799. Since I am moving next week, I wanted the bag sent out to me ASAP so that is why I offered $900, thinking it was new. Am I just being a whiny brat? Please advise!!:sad:
  2. No, you're not being a whiny brat! I'd write the Seller and explain . . . it's usually pretty clear if items are new or not, surely she won't debate you on that.
    You have to ask, to get!
  3. I would too!!! The bag should have been in the exact condition as listed. Contact the seller!!!
  4. Definitely contact the seller. If it is not new like you were told it was you should be entitled to a partial refund IMO.
  5. I would definitely Becca! Explain why you think it differs from her auction and ask for at least a partial refund if not a full refund!
  6. u have to fight for ur bag.... u had false advertisement!!!