Need advice please

  1. Hi everyone,

    So I'm a little bummed about my Kooba not turning out the way I imagined... but now I'm debating whether or not to purchase another Kooba Ginger.

    Do you think I should wait until the Fall 2007 line comes out? I'm not really seeing anything that I like for the current new collection... or do you think I should just go ahead and purchase the Kooba Ginger, since that was the bag that made me fall for Kooba originally?

    Thanks so much!:smile:
  2. Would you be thinking of getting the Ginger in a different colour, white flower, or are you just trying to get a Chestnut with no discolouring? Depends on how much you like the Ginger, I guess, I'm still pining for a Marcelle in Cognac and I had plenty of opportunity to buy that a few months ago, now there seems to be none:sad: (know what I'm saying?, if you love the bag, grab it while you can..if you can live without it, wait for fall.. (great help I am:shrugs:)
  3. aww maggie thanks! you were very helpful. i'm looking into buying the chestnut color cause i just feel like it's a very traditional, conservative color.

    i'll be on the lookout for a marcelle in cognac for you!