Need advice: Please tell me about your LV agendas

  1. Hi everyone! I went to LV today and fell in love with the vernis framboise agenda pm. I couldn't decide whether to get it and my SA actually recommended that I wait and get the heart coin purse instead. However, since I left I've been thinking about how cute it would look when I pulled it out of my bag at meetings. So, for all you agenda carriers please help! Can you all tell me how you use your agendas, which one you have, and if you have a vernis how it holds up in your bag? I've been carrying a PDA for the past 7 years or so and am on my 3rd one. They keep dying on me so maybe it is time to switch to pencil and paper?

    Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. i'm no help, but i just bought a groom agenda a few weeks ago and now regret it. i want the new pomme d'amour vernis agenda now, looks so gorgeous! i say u get the vernis agenda, u will get more use out of it than the change purse. (i know, its a cute change purse!) :smile:
  3. yep, i have a vernis framboise agenda and i've been using it for a few weeks... i gave a little break for my mono agenda of 5 years!!!

    it is the happiest little color and it makes me smile!!! i thought i'd use it as a wallet and agenda plus a photo album.....(i bought tons of photo inserts for 6ring agenda while i was in japan last summer!)
    well my pictures are taking over the whole thing, so i just ordered framboise koala wallet..... i am over with my 'everything monogram' purse and added little color.... i just LOVE this line now! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. your PDA is giving you a sign for LV agenda! I have Damier and Mono Koala agenda, it's soo cute, but it's kinda of small for me to write in if i double it as wallet. You can purchase some FiloFax inserts (pocket size) @ ur local Container Store for CC, zip-lock pouch if you wish to double it as wallet. Many of PFers use Vernis agenda daily, such as Veronika.

    Check out the Agenda Club in the sub forum, if you don't have any sharp objects in your purse, Vernis should hold up fine, we are all adults who appreciate LV, so you should be fine w/it....Get it!
  5. I love my agenda! I have a mono one and use everyday! I use it as a wallet also. It holds a ton! Like Classic Chic look in the agenda club, it will give you a big help.
  6. I say get the agenda!!! I think it's more practical than the coin purse as you could use it as a wallet too! That's how I use mine :yes: I have a Palm but I enjoy doodling and scribbling down things on my agenda!
  7. Thanks for the advice!!!

    I think we have the same tastes and same agenda (stupid pun intended LOL)...I have a little girl too and I was going to put pix of her in the agenda....the pink is just toooooo adorable. Having my daughter has brought out the girlie side in me....thanks for the tips!!! I think I read somewhere about Hello Kitty inserts? Do you have the 411 on that?
  8. I think you're right. The Palm is pretty cool tech wise...but not that stylish--yikes I sound ridiculous!!!! But maybe I can snag the agenda for now and when my phone dies get a Blackberry or something?!

    Thanks for all the're so helpful!! I am going to check the Agenda Club right now!!!! :smile:
  9. i was having a pda... but i ended up not using it :p
    i'm using my lv panda medium agenda every single day! it's great!!!
  10. I'd say get it! I've been using the pom agenda everyday since I got it. I use an agenda anyway so minus well get a cute LV one. I use it for appointments/important dates and school assignments. I'm still paranoid about it since it's my first vernis so I still keep it in the dustbag in my bag lol. My bf thinks it's stupid because he says it seems like only 'business people' should have those. He's like you're gonna spend that much on a stupid agenda to write assignments in?! whatever..
  11. I say get the agenda. I am currently lusting after the agenda in pomme. It is gorgeous.
  12. i love my agenda. i think it's so much more practical than the coin purse which is cute but imo overpriced for what it is. i think you will get soooo much use out of your agenda. i have the red epi and the color makes me so very happy!
  13. I have 2 vernis agendas (red and bronze) and even though I looove the coin purse, it's not very practical :shame: I love my agendas though!! It's the only way I'm not techy ... I need to actually write something down instead of type.

    I got my hello kitty inserts off eBay!
  14. I agree with above suggestions, get agenda especially in vernis
  15. I love the agendas! I have mc, a koala/rose and a pomme....I still have and use my sidekick as a pda, but love the agenda too.