need advice please on next Hermes!

  1. Hi there,

    I would like to ask you guys for your advice on my next purchase.
    i got some save-ups and i feel like i have to purchase a new bag!
    my current collection contains:
    35 Birkin Vert Anis,31 bolide gold,massai gm indigo,picotin mm etaupe,30 herbag toile/black.
    Now i am considering about:
    GP toile mm
    Trim 35 colour?
    massai pm-since some of you mentioned to carry as a clutch
    jige elan marron
    or save up for a birkin 30 black epson....or 35 rouge garance clemence...
    or anythingelse?????
    Please,i need urgent advices until monday!!!!!!!!