Need advice please - I've been scammed

  1. I stupidly bought a bag on eBay paying below retail for a miu miucoffer thinking it was real. The seller was a new member from Nov 06. Her feedback seemed ok. The auction ended on 10 Jan and I paid her right away. I still havent received the bag. She gave me a wrong tracking number which we claimed was a screw-up by USPS and finally gave me the correct one last week. It's almost 3 weeks and I'm still waiting for the bag. I'm pretty sure the bag is a fake and she's had a negative feedback recently from another buyer and somehow she is now no longer a registered eBay member.

    Please help me ... is there anyway I can get my money back even though I paid by credit card (not paypal). She has ignored my emails and I feel totally helpless. What is my recourse and what can I tell my credit card company ? Can I just reject the receipt of the bag when it arrives and will that help me to get my money back ?

    Thanks all for hearing me out. I'm so mad I got myself into this mess.
  2. Hi, Sorry you have been scammed like this. If you paid by paypal you can file a dispute which you can escalate to a claim immediately to try to recover your money. You should claim with you credit Card company also.
    You havent received the goods so that is a non receipt claim but I suppose if you wish to claim on the gounds that it is a fake then you will have to accept the parcel to know that.
    Another option is to refuse the parcel as it was not received in a timely fashion but when she gets the bag back will she refund you?????
    I hope you get sorted.
  3. I don't really know the right answer here, so I hope someone that is more knowledgable than me chimes in!

    First of all... that sounds horrible! I'm sorry that happened to you. But you haven't received the bag yet?? So take pics when you do, to put them on here to get them authenticated ASAP. I think you can do a chargeback on your cc, no matter whether you paid through Paypal - but again, someone that knows more about this type of thing would know better than me.

    My first instinct seems to be, don't reject the bag, because if the seller is no longer registered, and you have the bag returned to them, you won't have any proof that the bag is fake (since it wouldn't be in your possession) - and they wouldn't be any recourse through eBay if they are already not registered... I don't know, this may not be the best action - this is tough!!! I hope people chime in!!!

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks BagAngel - I dont think she will refund me. She seems to have disappeared and I'm thinking maybe I should take the bag and keep as evidence. Will my credit card company give me a refund based on a fake good even though it is not done through paypal but direct to a company called Wellington Chase in the US ?
  5. Thanks Bags4Bubbles - it's been a real nightmare and I've lost sleep thinking about this. I agree with you both that i will accept the bag..but how do i do a chargeback with my credit card company for a fake bag ? Has anyone done this before ?
  6. I know I have read about it in the eBay forum... but I don't really know alot about it - so it might be best to try to find a member that has had to do it, to get questions & info about it.

    I searched for "chargeback", and here's what I came up with:

    Hope some of this helps... Just from skimming over these threads - I did read somewhere that you should accept the bag, to have it authenticated, so you can prove to your cc company that it is fake. You'll probably have to contact your cc company to see what they require to do a chargeback.

    Also, you'll probably have to file through eBay & your cc company.
  7. Yes, I am no expert but as I understand it, if the item doesn't arrive at all or is SNAD you can open a dispute via Ebay if you didn't use Paypal to buy the item. As I understand it, claiming from your card company is a separate thing and you should do both asap, although there is a time limit on how soon you can claim using the Ebay dispute console.

    Sadly it will be might be easier if the bag never shows up than if it does but you suspect its a fake. If it does turn up and you believe it is a fake, get it authenticated and make sure you create a supporting 'case' to send both to Ebay and your card company to convince them that it really is SNAD.

    I am so sorry you have been burned like this. If you look around, you'll see I was too (not with a bag) quite recently and it is so upsetting. Partly because of the material loss but also because it made me feel so foolish and yet I hate the idea of not trusting people. . .I tried to chalk it up to experience and move on, but I know completely where you are now and that horrid mixture of anger, frustration, powerlessness, embarrassment and sadness. Big hugs from London - do drop by to the forum when you need support. xx
  8. Bags4Bubbles, Miss Sooky - thanks for making me feel better with all your kind advice and comments. I've contacted my cc and I suspect the only way I can get my money back is to say I did not authorise the transaction but then I would be lying and I dont want to do that. I've opened a dispute with ebay on the basis of non-receipt for now and see what happens. Thanks for listening - you girls are the best !
  9. My first thought on this is::::::: protect yourself against FUTURE UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES, made by this Wellington Chase company/individual. As I understand your post, you paid directly to them, so therefore they have all of your information. I would definitely speak with my credit card company on this issue.
  10. Any update on this bag??????
  11. Hi Gingerale. I have definitely heard of people doing chargebacks on their credit cards before - even if they have authorised the transaction, I think they have claimed it as a fraudulent transaction - which your ebay experience seems to fit into. Also, have you thought about contacting the Police? I think there are also things like the Better Business Bureau, or USPS for mail fraud. Just a few suggestions (I find most of these out either through this board, or the Community board on Ebay).

    The credit card company certainly seems to be your best bet, however, so I would follow this route.

    You can also claim on Ebay - I think you may get up to $200 or similar back on a transaction like this, if the sale followed certain criteria.

    Hope it all works out for you - let us know how you are doing.
  12. i would go the credit card way....if it is amex they will dispute the amount and take it off your bill right away and many other cards will as well
    just tell them it was not received and if it IS received and turns out to be fake you can just put that in the explaination ...and tell the credit card people you are RETURNING the item ...
    good luck gingerale from ginger
  13. good luck gingerale! my bf is going to open a c/c chargeback with his wachovia bank visa c/c tomorrow over a fake LV watch, i will let you know if there is anything quirky that you need to know about opening a chargenback once he is finished with it.

    keep us posted girlie!
  14. Hi everyone

    The bag arrived and as I expected it is a fake. I'm so mad. I emailed the seller again and she promptly ignored my email. I knew straightaway when the her mailing address is a PO Box and it was in the name of the company Wellington Chase. Beware of all dealings with this company !

    I spoke to my cc company and they cant help and tell me it's a deal between me and the merchant and I have to go sort that out. Apparently they dont do chargebacks unless I claim that I did not authorise the transaction. Now that I have signed for the bag, my only route seems to be a fake bag claim. Urghs it's going to be a long road towards getting my money back :sad:
  15. whoa, they don't do chargebacks unless you claim you didn't auth it? what about 100% online protection and all that jazz? i have to deal with this later today. ugh.

    make the claim, write the necessary letter to the seller through the dispute, then IMMEDIATELY escalate the claim. No waiting, no muss, no fuss. If they do not respond, paypal will side in your favor.