Need Advice..Paid for item, but not yet received

  1. Hi..i need some advice regarding this situation. I won an item (LVbag) and i paid immediately using paypal. the auction says i made the payment on the 15th of Dec. Since then i had no contact with the seller , so i sent several email to the seller asking whether the seller sent the item etc, and i told the seller that im going to ask for refund if the seller dosent answer my email. The seller finally replied on the 31st of Dec, saying he/she was involved in a car accident and that the earliest he/she can ship the item was on the 7th of Jan. I told the seller that i am happy with that and i also asked the seller if it was ok if the seller could ship the item on the last week of jan or so. as im going on a holiday. Since i replied on 31st of Dec, im not receiving any email from the seller once again , and i dont know what to do. I thought the seller was still hospitalized, but when i check the sellers feedback, he/she has been getting feedback from the listings that were listed after 15th of Dec and also has active listings currently.
    I emailed the seller that if i dont receive any reply, im going to ask for full refund.
    Any advice regarding this situation? And, if i want full refund, should i claim case with paypal ? Thanks in advance for your help:smile:
  2. well.. u can start by filing a dispute....if u pay by credit card in paypal, ask for a chargeback..:tup:

    that will NORMALLY get a reply form selller..:yes:

  3. it's still 1-2 weeks from today:confused1:
  4. You only have 45 days to file a claim, it's been a month already and clearly the seller is avoiding you. You can file a claim at PayPal or a chargeback from your CC. Good Luck!
  5. File an "Item not received" dispute, from "My eBay" page.

    The seller will then have to provide Paypal with the online trackable postage details, and if they don't, you will get your money back

    Good luck

  6. file a dispute in PayPal - it will get their attention very quick because if they don't reply they instantly lose and have to give you your money back.
  7. I myself am going through the same thing I bought a beautiful used Chloe Paddinton bag on eBay for $385 from a seller that had good feedback and has sold real bags in the past after 2 weeks i started asking for shipping info tracking # ect and no replys so yesterday I filed a claim with paypal...Has this happend to anyone else and what are the chances of me getting my $$$ back :sad:
  8. Its happening to me right now and I am GRUMPY!:cursing: The seller was so nice and responsive until I paid. The last email I got said she would email me a tracking number and now she's not replying to emails although she has other items listed. Ugh, $1350! but I'm not even mad about that, I just really want the item :sad: :crybaby: I'm giving it until Frday and then filing with paypal.

  9. did you pay with a credit card? I'm not worried about my money because I have Citibank and they kick butt with chargebacks if I have to go that route.
  10. Like someone else said here, you only have 45 days to file a claim. I would be extremely worried that the seller was intentionally avoiding you all this time. To me, it seems that the seller is trying to have you get the item "too late" to file a report. In that case, you'd be out of luck if the bag turned out to be not authentic or damaged.

    I don't know the seller, so I don't know if he/she was actually involved in a car accident or whatnot, but from what you've said, he/she was fine enough to take care of other transactions EXCEPT for yours, so I'd be worried. Something's fishy.

    If I were you, I'd cut my losses and file a dispute (& escalate it to a claim right away) RIGHT NOW.
  11. File an item not received dispute today. This sounds irresponsible.
    Good luck
  12. Yes I agree file a dispute straight away. If you get it then you can drop the dispute, but if you wait you may be out your bag and your money.

    Also does the seller have other items listed, are they doing more listings? because if they are then the accident story may not be true. What is their feedback like? Do you have a link to the item?
  13. AND Always, always pay with Credit Cards! No matter how much Paypal is trying to talk you into paying via wire transfer or your balance (of course, it's so much cheaper for them), don't pay any other way!! I've lost several payments this way , you are only safe with your credit card which will always refund you should any issue arise. Paypal 'protection' is such a lie!
  14. Thank you all for your feedback!
    i did file a claim with paypal, and the seller decided to give full refund:smile:
    Does anyone know how long it takes for me to receive the money? the current status is "pending"..
    i paid using paypal from my bank account, not credit card....

    thanks alot