Need advice on which color to get....

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  1. I'm looking to purchase my second Bbag. :yahoo: I've always wanted a red Bal bag, so I went to NM yesterday to find one. They had the Bal city in coral red, and I had the SA hold it for me until Thursday for the Incircle double points. I'm having second thoughts on the color because it is a bright red with orange undertones. I will be wearing this bag to the office alot, so I'm thinking it will be too bright. I also saw light blue Bbags, and I like that color also. If the red was darker, I would not be having second thoughts.

    Please help me make my decision ladies. Is the coral too bright for the office or should I just get something blue?
  2. You may want to ask if they have any of the red bags from '07... Rouge Vermillion or Tomato. I haven't seen the coral red IRL but the previous two I mentioned may have less orange undertones??

    In terms of the coral red being too bright for the office - I guess it all depends on what you wear and if you are accustomed to wearing bright accessories. I wear my Rouge Vermillion and Vert Gazon (grass green) often and I think of it as a great pop in color for an otherwise neutral wardrobe. But if I wear a bright colored top or bottom I then switch to my Marine (rich dark blue) brief. Hope this helps...
  3. The two reds that you mentioned would have been perfect, but they didn't have them. From what I can remember, they had blues, yellow, pinks, green, browns, off white, print, and blacks.

    I normally don't wear bright colors so maybe that is why it seems so out there for me. The only bright color I love is yellow, but not for a bag. If the bag was a darker yellow, I would definitely go for it.
  4. Personally I think the coral is stunning! Unless you want to check out other reputable online/offline places to find a darker red I´d def buy the coral! I can just see how it popps up your office style! Good luck!

  5. I think you should go for the won't seem nearly as bright after wearing it for a few days and it's a year-round color.
  6. Or, if you want to wait, the two reds for the F/W season look very promising. Especially ruby... :smile: It's more of a true red than coral is.
  7. You have peeked my curiosity now. Maybe I should wait for the fall season. I guess we will see on Thursday what I decide.
  8. Hmmmm i know its soooo hard all the colors are sooo yummy but everyone has a color that calls to them more!! You should get the one you LOVE!! and think you would be most happy with!!
  9. blue
  10. Yes, if you could wait few more months, Ruby would be great!:tup:
  11. Coral could be a great colour to wear at the office this summer, if it's teamed up with the right outfit. I tend to wear a lot of blues, black and grey to work and I was always nervous about wearing bright colours, but since I bought a Rouge Vif City, I've been very happy to take this bag to work and it's received a lot of compliments. I'm sure coral would look great with beige, cream and other summer colours. Let us know what you decide.
  12. I was in the same boat, really wanting a deeper red City to wear to the office. I was advised by an SA to wait for the A/W 2008 Ruby color, which sounds promising!
  13. I really love coral because I love the orange undertones, but if you're not completely satisfied then don't settle for it. If you could hold out till fall Ruby would be a good bet... in the mean time if you can get a blue now and red in the fall... that would be ideal :P