Need advice on which bag to get...

  1. Hello everybody. :balloon:
    I'm gonna go back to studying after christmas and I need a bag that can fit a laptop and a few books.
    Any ideas?? :confused1:
  2. Do you know what type of bag you want? Leather? Plain? Long handles? Price range? I used a Longchamp Pliage bag when I was in school to carry a laptop and books. I used to place my laptop into a sleeve and I still had a lot of room for books and other stuff I need. The large folding bag is only $132 and it comes in a lot of colors. It's not that expensive. Good luck with your search and tell us what you find!
  3. Wow that sounds great!

    I don't really know what I want.. propably long handles - I will most likely be riding my bike to and from school..
  4. The Longchamp tote has long handles and it's not that heavy so when you put all your stuff in it, the weight of the bag won't be so bad as to say if you had a leather bag.
  5. Thanks you guys!
    I kinda like the nylon Olivia but I can't afford today :o(
    Have to saveup a bit ;)

  6. Try for the Longchamp.

    When i was in college i used my Herve Chapelier. fits books and a laptop and is similar to longchamp but its hard to find online. you can view their bags at
  7. Wow I really like those bags, but I need one with a long strap so that I can bike with it..
    I think my budget would be something like 3-500$ once I've saved some money.
    I really like Vuitton! Am looking at the new Damier Trévi GM but I don't know if it will fit a laptop...