Need advice on which Azur bag...

  1. Since I fell in love w the Tahitienne line, I "need" a bag to coordinate the MP and bandeau. I have 2 NF and a speedy. I do love NF's but not sure if I should get a third or try a different style. Should I look at a Delghtful or Girolata? What would you choose?

    I am not interested in the new Propriano, as I am concerned w the handles not being comfortable.
  3. I also have recently acquired some Tahitienne items, and I was considering the Delightful and the Neverfull as companion bags. I have--and like--both in Mono, but decided on the Neverfull in DA because i was worried that the Delightful in DA would hang low enough to risk color transfer from denim jeans (which I wear a lot). Girolata is lovely, but have not tried it on.
  4. Ah, yes that now rules out the delightful. I am leaning towards NF since I do like a slimmer silhouette bag, meaning not one that sticks out and is bulky. Thank you!
  5. If it were me I wouldn't get another NF. I have 2 a GM & MM but that's enough for me, LV make so many other gorgeous bags I'd want to go with something else.

    I tried several bags on in store recently and loved too many but I found the Girolata came out my overall favourite. I absolutely adored it. It also opens up to be far more spacious than I was expecting and the leather is butter soft. The Magnolia is also IMO far lovelier than the ballerine pink, it's far warmer but very similar and would go great with your other items.
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  6. I agree
  7. I truly think you need a Speedy.... it's a classic and so functional, either the Classic or Speedy B. Good Luck.
  8. i'd get speedy bandouliere. still my favorite, beautiful and functional.
  9. The Delightful has my vote. I have the Mm in azur. I love that bag. It is so lightweight, the print goes with everything, the strap is so comfortable... I own several LVs, and I'm ashamed to accept that I have a purse addiction. This is the bag I usually pick up to go to work. Since I don't wear jeans to work, there its less risk of color transfer. But lately I've been using it with jeans also. After all, I did not spend more than $1,500 not to use the bag. Don't miss out of this great bag.
  10. I have the Girolata and I keep recommending it to everyone, love it SO much, an amazing and versatile bag. Also the first Azur bag that I have gotten compliments on, everywhere I go! Here's a couple of pics to tempt you :biggrin:.
    IMG_5936.jpg IMG_5938.JPG
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    Oh Wow, this is drop dead gorgeous and it looks fantastic on you. That's definitely tempting me,:amazed: I tried on the pink magnolia one in leather which was fabulous but the DA really suits it. I think maybe the temptation may just be too much for me. Surely I can find something I can wear with it :nuts:

    I adore the bag charm too, I WANT ONE

    Does it have a little pouch inside? Could you add a picture if so?
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  12. OMG!!! Gorgeous pic and bag. The whole look looks so put together!
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  13. Oh, the Mahina one is really gorgeous, too! Unfortunately the Azur version does not have the pouch, just a zippered pocket and a non-zippered one. Go for it, you won't regret it!
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  14. Thanks so much!
  15. Lol, I'm confused now, I'd set my heart on the Mahina Magnolia but the DE really looks so good. I do have other pink bags but nothing in the Damier Azur because I didn't feel it suited me, I'm so tempted, I'm off to have a good look through my wardrobe. It looks fabulous with your coat, the whole look is understated and fabulous. I've got a coat that colour but as summer is more or less here I need to find something else it will look good with. :confused1:

    It's a shame about the pouch, I know the Mahina one had a small one attached. Is there a brass ring you could attach one to, also has yours got the pink microfibre lining?