Need advice on what clothes/accessories to pack for a trip to France.. HELP!

Jan 14, 2008
Has anyone been there recently? Or better yet, do you live there? This would be a huge HUGE help! I will be traveling there next month with DBF and I need some advice on what clothes/accessories to pack :smile: He lived in France for a while, so I want to fit in when we go and not embarrass him by looking like a tourist... lol. Whenever I ask him what I should bring, he just says "things that are dressy and warm" :rolleyes:

I'd like to think I'm pretty up-to-date with current fashions and I'm somewhat stylish.. But I swear, the last time I went to Paris a few years ago, I stuck out so badly! Even though I thought I packed okay, I realized after I got there that none of the stuff I brought looked like what the locals were wearing! I got a lot of awkward stares. They dress beautifully and very differently there. I just need some pointers on how to pack. What's "in" in France right now?

I'm going in January, so I know it will be cold. We'll be there for approximately 5-6 days. I just need some nice street clothes, a few "going-out" outfits, and an outfit for a baptism at a church we will be attending. Any pointers on what would be appropriate?

Seriously guys- I'm a TERRIBLE packer, I need all the help I can get! Thanks :smile:
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Jan 4, 2006
There is an old saying, "If you dress badly at home you will dress badly abroad."

If you like the way you look at home, then perhaps you had an unfortunate and unnoticed-by-you stain on your bum, or toilet paper stuck to your shoe?

Some ways to blend in are not wearing white workout shoes or screaming in English across a crowded room.

It will be very cold there now, so your BF is correct. If you do not heed his advise and dress warmly, you will stand out.

I cannot visualize your problem. Perhaps you could post a picture of your previous vacation, to illustrate?


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Jan 26, 2007
I would pack things that are warm but don't take up a lot of space, like thin cashmere cardigans and sweater dresses, a white blouse, leggings, skinny jeans, a nicer dress or two for the baptism, and ballet flats. I would also wear an amazing pair of boots on the plane and throughout your trip.


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Jun 11, 2007
i am sure you'll be fine....
there's a french style thread floating should check it out.

i don't think they wear furs....
don't wear monogram purses....

you'll be fine. have a great trip!!


Aug 21, 2009
My 9 yr old son and I were there in September. I asked him for advice and he said to pack scarves, comfortable walking shoes, dark colored clothes and an extra suitcase to bring home stuff you buy;)


Feb 5, 2008
I lived in Paris for a few months, skinny jeans, flats/boots, and scarves scarves scarves! Dress sophisticated but understated, neutral colors, nothing too over the top. Do not wear sweatpants/workout clothes under any circumstances (unless you are actually working out at the time).


Sep 5, 2007
For streetwear pics I've seen lately for daytime looks. Converse, ballet flats, or flat boots for walking around. I echo the skinny jeans, scarves, thin sweaters for layering. Muted colors not brights. IMO, the French buy less clothes but everything they buy fits them/ suits their style. So nothing sloppy.

I would also browse through the sartorialist if he's taken any european pics lately.

Do you mind if I ask why you felt like you stuck out?


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Feb 6, 2007
Another vote for the jeans, flats, knits and scarves - I was in Paris in early April this year and this was the norm. I also took a pair of leather gloves lined with cashmere just in case and I was so glad I did - it was certainly nippy on our early morning walks through the city!


Dec 19, 2008
My 9 yr old son and I were there in September. I asked him for advice and he said to pack scarves, comfortable walking shoes, dark colored clothes and an extra suitcase to bring home stuff you buy;)

i totally agree with this! i would love to visit paris to SHOP. i don't know if you will have any free time, but perhaps go minus a few clothing items and then shop in paris for some new clothes, accessories, and of course gifts for friends and family back home.

i would pack a lot of layered items and neutrals. i've never visited paris tho so i can't speak about that. i think being courteous and respectful of others while you are there will be more important as to whether the locals find you to be an annoying tourist. i'm sure you won't have any problems! enjoy your trip!!


Dec 7, 2007
All the advice above is very good- it is COLD, so absolutely look into bringing things made with thinsulate, down, fleece, wool, scarves, hats, gloves! Dark colors are always safe, and boots are a really good way to pull it all together (wear them on the plane so you don't have to take the bulk in your suitcase is what I suggest).

It might be cold in the church for the baptism, so you might want to think about wearing a dress with sleeves or a cardigan. HTH!
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