Need Advice on Warm Boots

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  1. It's freezing today in NYC and I desperately need a pair of warm boots to come to work in. I need something like the Ugg..comfy and warm, but are Ugg's still in? I don't want to look like I'm behind the times so can someone recommend some cute boots?
  2. uggs are still very in. plus they have great new updates to the basics. check out their site. ive had my eyes on the crochet ones from oprah's fav things
  3. I'll move this to Glass Slipper for you . . .
  4. People keep saying uggs are ugly and not in anymore but I see soo many people trying to get a pair and they are SOLD OUT almost everywhere so there you go, they are so in.
  5. i hate uggs so I got Northface ones...warmer than uggs!
  6. i just ordered me a pair of Emu Ridge High boots (Ugg-like but cheaper). The reviews have been pretty positive and I live in Texas, so solid cold-weather shoes are not a necessity, but quite comfy sometimes, thus I couldn't justify the true-Ugg-purchase.
  7. I have several pairs of ugg boots. Wanted the tall classic in black and couldn't find it in my size, so I got minnetonka tall black and they are much more comfortable than uggs. The bottoms are softer and the soles bend easier and they don't make your feet look so big!
  8. uggs are still in and sold out everywhere (over retail on eBay). they'll forever be my go to boots for warmth and comfort but jimmy choo comes out w/ rabbit fur-lined boots that are also very warm each winter if you want something more stylish.
  9. gucci has some snow-proof ones this season and for a more moderate price, maxine of canada boots are practical.
  10. Can you post pictures?

    ITA that uggs are still in and still super cute! I don't care what people think, uggs keep your feet warm and are cute:yes: What else can you ask for!

  11. i love my uggs. i have two pairs classic talls in black and chestnut, im getting the crochet ones in sand sooner or later definitely after they start to get the post christmas shipments in. im very loyal to uggs even though they are ugly (i think if worn with the right outfit, with confidence and a smile Uggs are super cute) they are warm and comfy i say you go for it !
  12. I have 2 pairs of the Choo rabbit lined boots and they are so warm and cute. The new Yevas are also not tight around the top like the older Choos are.:yahoo:
  13. I could care less if uggs are 'in'. But they wouldn't be sold out alot of places if people didn't want them.
  14. I like Aquatalia which makes boots that are lined, waterproof, but still stylish/professional. They are available at Zappos, Saks, etc and will go on sale soon. I have three pairs, but got two on sale. This is what I wore around NYC today in the snow and rain. But if you like Uggs I think they are great. I have two pairs of Ugg slippers that I love.