Need Advice On Value Of Past Season Bag!

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  1. I 've beed looking for a black everday bag I can really knock around. My SA brings out a beauty he had in back-from the fall 2006 luxury line-exactly what I have been looking for,soft,big,zippered closure, $2285.Am I crazy to be paying full price for a bag that came out a year ago?Any thoughts??:confused1:
  2. No. If you don't get it now you may be paying more after the price increase. :shrugs: From experience with Chanel, the price only goes one way, and that's north. If you love it, get it! Seems like the nicer bags are always out of stock and so hard to get your hands on.

    If its from Saks maybe you can put it on hold for the EGC?
  3. yes -I will get EGC(still have to pay tax though!)
  4. no, Chanel isn't like that IMO.
    Nothing is "out" or "so last season" really w/ Chanel.
    And I agree about price increses, if it's Luxury Ligne it's bound to have had a price incease so last season is better!
  5. Thanx ladies,I feel much better!
  6. AGREE with all TPFers. Grab it now before the price increases. It's a great bag.
  7. Swanky nailed it! And if it's the Luxury tote that bag will never be out of style. I have it in patent and would buy it in leather if funds were disposable. Buy it and share the beauty with us with pics! Last fall Chanel did the Luxe ligne in deerskin and the leather is TDF - soft, thick and plushy. I have the black bowler from that season and adore it!
  8. If you like it and it is hard to find, you should buy it. Otherwise you might not be able to find it again. You also get the guarantee that it's authentic.
  9. I say definitely get it if you love it! I've gotten a past season bag before (once).
  10. This is the deerskin!!!I will try to get my DD to take and post pix for me.Thanx ladies-I was really agonizing over this and now I can relax and enjoy my bag!!!:yes:
  11. Lucky you! I passed on the deerskin tote in beige last year (opted for the black GST) and sometimes regret that decision. It's such a gorgeous bag - we must see pics!!