Need advice on twilly/scarf/charms

  1. Hello! I am up at 3 am Malaysian time, I had just finished reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter & was wishing I had another book to read when I chanced upon a very interesting thread here that was much more highly charged that any bestseller:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: . Anyways, I realise from hanging out here at TPF that my bags could use a twilly/scarf to pretty them up. Our local store here had no twillies so the SA sold me a small scarf, I picked a red/orange with elephants. How do you accessorize your bags? If you hang a charm over the bag will it scratch the leather? What do you do with your clochette & lock? This Hermes Novice seeks your experience/opinions ....Also there was a orange/white bolduc twilly on ebabydragon, is that current/classic/vintage? That looked pretty versatile..