Need advice on this Sabrina thanks

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  1. Thoughts or does anyone have this bag or know anything about it. Love the Sabrina never saw this before

    Thanks ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460973610.625314.jpg
  2. #2 Apr 18, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2016

    Hi. Are you trying to decide if you like or authenticate it? If you need to authenticate it there is a thread for that. There are instructions for what they need to help you. One is a picture of the creed on the interior lining. Here is the link....

    I do like the size/shape of the Sabrina. it is a nice satchel! Haven't seen this one myself.
  3. No it's authentic was just wondering if anyone knew or had this bag thank you for the link
  4. No one has any opinion on this Sabrina bag ?[emoji20][emoji20][emoji20][emoji20]

  5. Hi. You only posted this 7 hours ago, which was 3:30am on the west coast. Most people were asleep. Most people are now at work. There's more traffic here in the evenings. You need to give it some time.

    What types of opinions are you looking for?

  6. If anyone has thus bag or thoughts on it
  7. What is the style number of the bag? You can search this forum for that number and find discussions about it when it was released.

    I remember that the Sabrina bags were very popular but I don't care for satchels so I never got one. I can tell you that I have a coach wallet with 2 zippers next to each other and they look good but the compartments are too small to use for much of anything. I don't know if it would be the same with this bag.
  8. I have several of the large Sabrina satchels. They're one of my favorites. The downside is the corners tend to wear easily, and I've had problems with mine fading overall, but those are the solid, not colorblock. I still look for them on eBay though!

  9. It's new with tags from a estate sale. Got it for under $300
  10. Its' a Spectator Sabrina. It came out around 2009 and there were 3 or 4 colors. Retail was $698 but a fairly large number eventually went to the outlets, probably because of the high price.

  11. Boy then I got a real good deal. Thank you for the update
  12. I had this in the green and white... and I loved it. it was a gorgeous bag and it carries alot. It is very striking looking... You will love it...

  13. May I ask do u still have it ?? I feel like I stole it lol for such a great price
  14. I do not. I used it for a while, and then sold it. I was no longer carrying as much and it was just too big after awhile.. But it was great when I was carrying more... YOU will LOVE IT... :biggrin:
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