Need advice on this bag

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  1. I am about to add a couple chloes to my collection and would like your advice since I am very new to the brand.
    I am thinking of this one...
    I am really fickle with purses and will probably want to sell in the future. Is this a desirable bag? what do you think of resale value? thanks so much for your advice!:girlsigh:
  2. Is this the hobo?

    If so, i like it, but i decided to go for the medium satchel instead, which i'm glad i did, it can be hand held and can fit on your shoulder comfortably.:yes:

    The hobo is great because you can wear it on your shoulder, but it's not so versatile because you can't really use it as a hand held bag.

    IMO, re-sale value wouldn't be quite as high as the original paddy, though i don't think you would lose too much on it as most Chloe's are pretty desirable, even second hand because then they are more attainable price-wise!:yes:

    P.S would it be possible to re-attach the pic as i can't click on the link?:flowers:
  3. I prefer the satchel style to the hobo. I had the hobo for about a week and returned it because the padlock didn't lay right on it (sat more on top of it) and it was a bit awkward to wear (did not lay right at my waist/hip area... too wide or something). I think the most popular style is the satchel and so that one would have the better resale value.. but if it is a 'much wanted' color that can also help in resale. It looks like the one in your pic is a grenat.
  4. Yes it is the grenat!
  5. I love the hobo. It's easier to carry than the satchel because you can put it on your shoulder.
  6. I agree, it seems like it would fit over your coat. Not sure about the resale value though - of course it depends on how long you wait to sell it as well.
  7. The satchel can easily fit on the shoulder too - i carried it shopping last week for about 6 hours and i had no problems getting it to stay on.:yes: :flowers:
    I think the hobo is great if you want just a shoulder bag:flowers:
  8. ^^^I'm sorry. I don't have skinny arms so no it doesn't fit on my shoulder. And once winter rolls around if you have a winter jacket on, it will be hard to put it on. I hate carrying the satchel around in the crook of my arm or hands. That's why I rarely use mines.
  9. I think I am going to go for it!! Thanks so much for all your advice!
  10. Fair point:flowers:
    I have quite broad shoulders so it sits right where i put it:P
    I was going to go for the hobo but changed my mind after i was convinced by several tPF'ers that the satchel would sit on my shoulder...and it does. I guess we're all different though.:tender:

    Good luck macp6! We want to see pics too!:yes: :flowers:
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