Need advice on stocking stuffers :)

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  1. For my in laws, we do "stocking stuffer gifts"....there are 4 couples, including the parents....I need some far I have oil & vinegar dispensors that i'm going to paint, bath and body works stuff, chocolates, tea mugs, coffees, and Trader Joe reusable grocery bags to put everything into.

    I want to spend about $80-100 more on these people. Any ideas? It's so hard finding stuff for 4 sets of couples! They don't drink alcohol, so I can't do any shot glasses or wine (that would be so easy, I know!).
  2. $80 to $100 on each or total?

    Other ideas - if they like teas, go to a specialty tea shop and get a variety of teas (we love these as stocking stuffers), giftcards to a bookstore, magazine subscription to something, someone posted some really cute refrigerator magnets the other day, and let's see.... I don't know, a nice pen? nice socks? a silk scarf? mittens? gloves?
  3. And I hope you don't mind, there are many sellers on Etsy I love, I would like to recommend some of them. Must think hard, so many!

    ArtisanGraham - mini leather handbound book


    dingo - matchbook notebooks (set of 4)


    If any of the four couples like tea, may I recommend TeaNoir's handcrafted artisan teas:

    budanART - art magnet (ships from Canada)


    Majo - fridge magnet (I like magnets, as you may have gathered :smile:)


    Are any of them animal lovers? EtsyforAnimals is a shop on Etsy with items kindly donated by sellers, proceeds to a different animal charity each month. One item is:

  4. I think magazine subscriptions are a great idea! You can find them for almost nothing on eBay but its something they will keep getting all year round! Maybe you could also get them tickets to the movies? You can buy 2 tickets to Loews movie theaters at Costco for $16 (which is really good at least where I live, where the movies about about $11 each) and they can use them for any movie at any time.
  5. My family goes so overboard with the stockings, we've started doing our own in gift bags for each person. So each person gets like 8 goodie bags full of stuff. It's actually really neat!

    Last year mine had: cash, a bunch of gift cards, costume jewelry, chocolate, coffee beans and a travel mug, OPI nail polish, makeup, a set of expensive shampoo/conditioner/hair spray, a Coach key chain, gloves, cute socks and some other little things.

    The guys usually get a bunch of edible goodies, gift cards, electronic gizmos, gloves, etc...

    My siblings and I always say that stockings are our favorite part of Christmas! :yahoo:
  6. passerby, I love your ideas! I've searched on etsy but it's slightly overwhelming since there are SO MANY items. Any advice to a etsy newbie on how to find items like the ones posted above?
  7. CTgrl414, cheers - I love Etsy but the search there needs to be improved on. Having been there for a year and a half, I am still astonished that there are thousands of wonderful shops there that I don't know about! Is there anything in particular you are interested in? There is a gifts guide there but IMHO it does not show the amazing range of shops available, but has too many repeat sellers featured. Don't you think a dedicated forum where buyers can list their specific requests and sellers reply with suggestions would be a good idea there? Regarding the sellers recommended in this thread, I've bought from most of them and they are wonderful to deal with. Woodcrafts also has some adorable magnets, three of them starring her cat Ernie:

    I bought this earlier today:

    Trollflings - great seller, this cutie is less than an inch high:


    snowy652 - I haven't bought from this seller yet but this laminated bookmark is so cute:

  8. Bath salts, candles, a nice robe..
    I love buying people stuff for a nice relaxing bath. I think it's a nice holiday gift :tup:
  9. If I may, more suggestions :smile:

    Love the work of this seller:



    The following sellers belong to EtsyforAnimals - 10% of proceeds go to a selected animal charity (new one chosen every month):







    thisisit - 3 eco-friendly journals

  10. I love Container Store's stocking stuffers. They roughly range from $5 to $40. I always find some fun and innovative things.