Need Advice on Shipping to Non-Confirmed address


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Oct 31, 2006
I need your help:yes:

I just sold a coat for $599 to a person in Korea with an unconfirmed address - I have received payment, but I feel uncomfortable shipping it to an unconfirmed address especially since this person is new to ebay (has a negative 1 feedback for non-payment - happened after she won my auction).

I sent an e-mail yesterday after she sent her payment telling that all my auctions say I only ship to confirmed addresses and that she needs to confirm her address with Paypal or send me an additional $15 for Global Express mail because they do signature confirmation and as well as track the package.

I want to ship out the jacket but should I wait to hear back from her, or just pay the extra shipping myself - I just don't want to get burned.....
Some countries don't confirm paypal. There is a place when you set up your auctions to the only countries you will ship to. It also gives you an option on putting in how much shipping will be to countries outside yours. If the person already paid, then I don't know about asking them for extra shipping charges. It was a mistake on your part for not including it in your auction. On the other hand, they have paid you already adn I would send it Global Express with sig confirm and insurance. It is better to be safe than sorry. Good luck with it.
I used to get people who would request items to be sent elsewhere and they'd provide an address (unconfirmed). Only they'd say they never recieved the item and i'd find out it was their work address and they neglected to provide the company. So I discovered that paypal has an option where you can require confirmed addresses only. I do not allow unconfirmed addresses anymore.
If she can't provide a confirmed address and you're going to worry, just give her a refund and relist the item. That way you definitely won't get burned, especially on such a high ticket item.
Paypal won't cover you if the funds turn out to be fraudulent. You have to send to a confirmed address. I don't understand why Paypal allows people to be unconfirmed due to the rampant fraud out there. I wouldn't go through with it if I were you.
Thank you so much for all of your advice. I still haven't heard from her and am still deciding on what to do.

Where is it in both ebay and paypal to have the option of only sending it to a confirmed address?

Thank you so much again!
From what I know, Korean buyers can not confirm their address with Paypal. Paypal only confirm address to certain countries. I don't think there's a list of these countries anywhere... If you do not feel comfortable going through this transaction, contact the buyer and see if you can work something out.
I usually don't ship to non-confirmed address, but sometimes I do exception on the case to case basis. It really depends on the feedbacks and communication etc...
I wouldn't ship it based on a few factors, 1) the buyer is new to ebay, 2) the buyer hasn't responded and 3) the address is not confirmed which leaves you unprotected through paypal. Even if you can prove the item was delivered you'd still not be covered because you didn't ship to a confirmed address. You are better off refunding the payment and re-listing or taking a MO from the buyer.
Did you end up refunding her money?

I confess...I had a seller ship to an unconfirmed address once (but at the time I had an issue with usps and express shipping at home...ugh). I won't ever do it again because I really don't think it's fair on the seller's part, but I always made sure I kept in touch with the seller.
PayPal cannot confirm addresses in *many* countries – apparently the banking system has to be linked to PayPal for this to happen, and there are many implications before the banking industry would take such a step. I have missed out on soooo many auctions because the buyer insists on confirmed addresses only, even though my feedback clearly shows I buy items over $1K without problems.

The alternative is to ask the buyer to pay insurance. That way, if the buyer claims the package is lost, you can always recover the money through insurance. I was offered this option by some sellers.
I am going through a similar situation myself. A person won an auction of mine they paid with PayPal and listed an unconfirmed address. I'm waiting for them to answer my emails before shipping.

If you received the payment from PayPal and ship to the unconfirmed address, the seller can say that they did not receive the coat. PayPal has been known to just take the money out of your account. You would them be out both the coat and the money. Also if the account is stolen, the bogus buyer can have you ship to a bad address. To protect yourself, give the buyer the option of using another method of payment (one you can verify). If you do accept another method of payment do not ship until you can verify with your bank that the funds have completely cleared your account. hth.