need advice on selling my bags

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Nov 27, 2007
i am thinking about selling x and x. they are very heavy bags for me and i just dont seem to be using them that much. what would you do? if i sold them i would get another city and maybe a first since those are the bags i use all the time.
also, when you guys sell your bags do you go through a consignment process (like ******) or do you sell them yourself?
thanks in advance!!!!!!!
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Mar 1, 2006
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Well, you are not supposed to list what you're selling, especially under your signature. It is against tPF rules so you should remove the (selling) part next to these bags or your post will be reported to the mods who will do it for you.

As for where to sell, the market is extremely slow and bags are not commanding the top dollar seller's expect. And with the poor economy, scamming is rampant. I got very tired of being lowballed on auction and have a fear of being scammed, so finally gave up and decided to go the consignment route. Much less stress and hassle that way even if I end up losing money. ****** has a direct buy feature and compared to other consignment stores (I researched), pays the highest prices for Balenciaga.
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