Need advice on scarfs!!!!!!!!

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  1. :confused1::confused1::confused1:I want to buy a H scarf but I don't know anything about scarfs. I just like the look of them on other women, what should I look for? what are the different sizes? what are the popular ones? Plz help me
  2. Hi and welcome.

    Starting with probably the most expensive - the Cashmere scarf. This is a large scarf (sorry, can't remember the size). There are usually one or two designs each year. Expect to pay over £500 for one.

    The most common Hermes scarf is the silk 90x90cm Carre. This can by tied in a variety of different ways (when you buy one, ask for a guide on how to tie used to be a small book but recently changed to a set of cards - though some shops still have the books as I was given one at Barcelona). They are about £200

    Then there is the pocket square which is smaller 45x45cm. These retail about £75.

    Next is the twilly - a long narrow strip of silk similiar to a man's tie. These can be tied round your neck or wrist or attached to your Hermes Bag (if you are lucky enough to own one!). These are the cheapest Hermes scarf and cost about £70

    There is the Plisse which is the large square scarf which is folded back and forwared to give a concertina effect. If I remember correctly, they are about £220.

    There are also cotton scarves but don't have any of these (yet!) so not sure of sizes or prices. The Hermes website will show the different styles available with the costs. There are two "collections" of scarves released each year and some styles become highly collectable.

    There is one small problem...owning one will never be enough...once bitten, you'll be lusting after the next, and the next and the next....:drool:
  3. Well, first take into consideration what your wardrobe colors consist of. Do you wear a lot of one particular color? So start by coordinating with that. Then I like to play up hair and eye color so that would be my next consideration. After that is when the fun begins! Do you like graphic patterns or something more lyrical? There are loads to look at on TPF but it is so much fun to go to the H boutique and carry one home in an orange box! :wlae:

    Post a pic when you decide and let me know if I can be of more help!
  4. thanx for ur help guys;);) I'll keep u posted
  5. I've learned the hard way that, except for a black colorway, I can't really tell how good (or bad) a scarf will look on me until I hold it up to my face. And I can't be sure it will coordinate with a particular sweater or top unless I see the two together.

    I would not buy a scarf for the overall design when it's almost always hidden when tied.

    Do you have a H boutique near you? Trying on the different styles is important. I would have bought more plisses from the beginning had I know they would be more flattering and easier for me to wear.
  6. ^^^ ITA. You have to go down to the boutique and start trying on different scarves. That's also how I found out how fabulous plisses are. Also how I discovered the joys of the pointu. And various colorways and designs that I normally would have overlooked. Then you may find a cute accessory that complements your scarf perfectly....Actually, on second thought DON'T go down to the boutique. Your wallet will thank you. :graucho:
  7. Hi x, to start off, you might also want to consider something in shades that echo the colour of your favourite bag(s).
    I find I can wear my rouge H and gold bags with practically any neutral outfit by using a matching scarf to pull the look together. It's a lifesaver now that the whole matchy-matchy-bag-and-shoe combo look is deemed a "don't". ;)
  8. There's also the 70x70cm carres in vintage silk, softer to the touch and cut on the bias, the silk drapes beautifully. They were introduced last autumn. However, nothing can beat seeing these beauties in the silk and a visit to a H boutique (or two) is thoroughly recommended!
  9. Yui, this message reminds me that I don't really know what a pointu is. Can you please provide some enlightenment? Thanks!

    xnoorax (did I spell that correctly? I'd love to know what the name means!), I must echo the advice to pay attention to how the scarf will look tied. I've only got one H scarf so far, and I fell in love with the overall pattern, but was somewhat dismayed to find (after I ordered it on-line) that the scarf looks very different when tied, and that the colors I loved the best were/are hard to display. I'm learning how to use it properly, but from now on will pay very close attention to how a scarf will look tied, and may actually ask for photos of it tied if I have any concerns.
  10. The pointu is the triangular shaped scarf, I think? :yes: I've never even seen one except online!
  11. Thanks, razorbackbelle! I was about to say "I've never seen one except online either," but realized that I've actually only seen one H scarf live and in person . . . and that's the one I own. :shame:
  12. Yes, the pointu is a triangular scarf. It is also made of the same vintage silk as the 70x70 scarves, again something I did not know until I tried one on in the store. The online selection is very poor so this is definitely a scarf you want to see for yourself in the store. :tup:
  13. I have a lot of scarves and echo the comments about trying them on. I have gone into the boutique certain that I will buy one colorway - only to discovery that another one looks much better on. And as great as it is to be able to look at things on the computer, nothing really compares to looking at them and holding them in real life. That said, I do buy a lot on eBay - though often they are scarves that I have seen in real life before. I like to have both a pattern and a colorway that I love, so sometimes I can't get a scarf even though I love it because it doesn't come in colors that work for me.

    As for the types and sizes, there are so many now! The 36x36inch silk twill is the most common. I remember being put off by them when I first tried wearing one because the silk is thick and has a lot of body. Now I love that and find it hard to wear my non-H scarves! The 70x70 cm "vintage" are new scarves but the silk is made differently and it is much softer. There are cashmere/silk scarves in two sizes - there is one that is 36 x 36 inches and one that is 54 x 54 inches. (Most people refer to the larger ones as shawls.) Much as I love those, I'd start with one of the silk. Give some thought to what colors you are drawn to and what your lifestyle is - work in an office, wear a suit to work, run around in jeans all day - then go in to the boutique and ask to see some.

    And don't worry about leaving without buying something. I often go in to look at something and find all of the choices overwhelming and leave to think it over.

    Let us know what you start with!