Need advice on Red Birkin dilemma

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    HI! I'm soo happy to have found this site. It's very informative and I have a new obsession with Hermes. (I don't know if I cna buy another bag from other designers.) Any way, here's the issue. I have a red 35cm birkin at the Hermes store- I don't know what color red it is yet I'll find out tomorrow. I originally plaed an order for a 30 cm Birkin (I'm, 5'3"i so I thought this was a good size for me.)in a Caramel but when I checked in with my SA she said she had the above if Iwanted that. I carried it and it didn't look as big as I thought it would.
    Should I get the red one- which Ialso think is less commonly seen than the caramel or gold colors or should I wait and see if the 30cm ever comes up? A lady let me try on her 30cm this past weekend and it looked perfect for my proportions! But I don't think the extra 5 cm is that much bigger. What should I do?!! I'm need your expert opinions!!

    Hermes Newbie
  2. If your budget allows, buy the red Birkin,and tell the SA you would still love to have the other color as well if it ever becomes available.
    I want all the Birkins I can get.
  3. The difference between 30 and 35 is HUGE! I am 5'3" and have a black 35 and it is not too big but it is big and can be cumbersome depending on what you are doing. If you have a suspicion that you like the 30 you need to wait.

    Red vs Gold is easy, get the red if it is a shade that looks good on your skin tone. Red is easy to wear and very elegant. I see more Gold Birkins than any other color here in Beverly Hills. Just make sure it's a shade that you love.
  4. I think you should wait and go for a 30cm. I have the bag you want and it is very difficult to get. Just keep your eye open for 30cm in other colors.
  5. I know this is no help, but it really is a matter of preference. For me (5'2") the 32 is more of a purse, while the 35 is a tote. They are both fine on me!
  6. You should also pay attention not only to the size and colour but to the leather! Do you love it? Do you love the bag?
    If you don't love it, then don't buy it. It's a big investment and it would be too bad to have it sitting in your closet because you don't love it and don't use it.
  7. It is very tempting to buy something "just because it is in" at Hermes!,:yes: :sweatdrop: but you have to live with your purchase for a long and hopefully happy time:P ... so I say hold out for the 30 cm, but go look at the color to see which one would go better with your coloring, clothing, and personal preference.:flowers:
  8. I also think there's a big difference between the 30cm and 35cm. Also, being a bright color will make the bag look even bigger. It is easier to get away with a 35cm if it's in a dark color as it fools the eye into believing the bag is smaller than it actually is.
  9. i say get it... sorry im one of the enablers
  10. i'm 5"4' tall and a 35 or 30 even is just perfect for me. i say, get the red one and also get the gold/caramel one when it comes in. birkins are hard to find, so i'll grab it once the oppurtunity arises! good luck!
  11. hey lookie -- avandome's back! hope you had a nice trip. :yes:
  12. I'm a shrimp (5"2) and I use both sizes...30 and 35. The 35 does feel more like a tote to me, and believe it or not, I often use my 35 on the shoulder to camouflage the size.

    I really think you should get that birkin that is being offered to you by your SA. If you are fine with both sizes, and you like the color, leather, hardware and such, I dont see why you should pass up on this one? *wink*

    Get the 35, you never know when you can get your caramel 30. Like someone said earlier, that color is not easy to get. There is of course the chances that it will pop up sooner than you think, this is always a possibility so dont shoot me if your caramel shows up like next month, LOL!
  13. Get it i have a red birkin and i love it so much...:heart:
  14. Well I would definitely get the red one for sure depending on what color red it is!!! Rouge VIF is on my wish list!!! Just like a lot of people on here say...GET BOTH if you can afford it!!!:yes:
  15. I would love to answer that one for you, but I struggle with it myself.

    You will know when you see it! Trust me on this.