Need advice on price for Coach shoes :yes:

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am looking at an Ebay auction for COACH "ELLICE" DENIM SIGNATURE WEDGE SANDALS at a buy it now price of $124.99 w/ $12 shipping.

    No one in my area sells Coach shoes and there are no shoes like this on the Coach website. The seller has 2174 feedbacks at 99.8%.

    These are size 9.5, so I doubt this size is easy to find on Ebay. Seems like a reasonable price to me for new in box coach shoes. I've never spent this much on shoes but these are soooo cute.

    Looking at completed listings, the prices are all over the place. Any guidance out there? :smile: Thanks!
  2. If you are willing to spend that & think it's worth it.. I say go for it. As long as you know they are authentic. I don't know if they counterfeit coach shoes often.
  3. I think it is good! :yes: I think those wedges went for 200-something, so NIB that is a great deal. It is so hard to find shoes on ebay in your size!
  4. Go for it! I love coach shoes. They have a great quality to them and at that price, you can't lose.
  5. Thanks! I will let you know if I get them, they look soooooooooo pretty! :yes:
  6. I think it's a good price, you should go for it. Are you sure they will as I wear a size 10 but get a 9.5 in Coach shoes?