Need advice on polka dot decals for nursery

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  1. I am due in a few weeks with a baby girl!!!!!!!:yahoo: The baby's nursery is a modern polka dot theme in pink and chocolate brown. I am painting all walls in a very pale pink (so It doesn't end up bieng like a bottle of pepto bismo exploded). Then one focal wall in a tan (almost cafe late' color). I wanted to draw polka dots in pink and chocolate brown on the focal wall (inspired from the bedding). I experminted with paint and it was a disaster. I am due soon and don't exactly have alot of patience!!!

    I decided to do vinyl decals. I found a seller on etsy that can make them in whatever size or color. Here is where I need advice;:confused1:

    What size should I order? Should they be teeny tiny or large ? Should I make them all one size or different sizes?

    Here is a link to the bedding
  2. that's super cute!

    at first iw as going to say I thought different sizes would be fun.... but I also think maybe the same size as the dots that are on the bedding would be good also.

    If you did different sizes, i would say maybe only 2 different sizes.
  3. Did you just try to do it free hand or did you use a compass or template? I would make a template, and outline in pencil and then fill in, that should work. Good luck :smile:
  4. I drew it in pencil using a round shaped template. The edges were not as sharp as I would like them to be. The other problem is the base paint is tan, when I tried to paint light pink and white dots, I could still see the base color. I know I am doing something wrong.:shrugs:
    At this point, I am too tired, swollen and impatient to try DIY!!!! I'd rather just peel and stick! I really should not have waited to the very last minute .....I know....:nogood:
  5. Can I ask how much she is charging per dot?
  6. I'm wondering too. If she's charging more than $35.00 for 16 dots, then here's an alternative:

    Each page also has a few images each, just scroll through for some examples.
  7. approx. six 4" circles and twenty 2" circles for 9.00 plus S/H
    I am still undecided on the size. There is another seller that has 12 and 6 " and was thinking of going with that size. Or will that be too large for a nursery?
    I saw the ones on whatisblik, they don't have the light pink.
  8. I would go with the larger ones...2" is pretty small.
  9. different sizes - the same size as the bedding and a larger size. It's so funny because I was just looking vinyl decals - I found some on ebay but I'm still thinking about it.
  10. Post pics when you have it finished! Good Luck! You know the more I think about it, all your options are safely cute, so don't worry!! Bigger than two inches so that they make a statement! Good Luck with the delivery!!!
  11. Is the "cotton candy" shade not pastel enough?