Need advice on pics of this Theda please

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  1. I usually use the shoulder straps on my LV's and I don't really have a clue about this. My mom got a pre-owned Theda and she asked me what to use to clean it. I figured you all would know. The handles are really dark compared to the rest of the bag. Are they dirty or is this the way they're supposed to be? Here are a couple of pictures. :smile:
  2. Girls, someone on here must be able to advise me on this one, please.:smile:
  3. Well some of us have used baby wipes to clean the dirt off of handles like that. I think pampers with aloe and also huggies. You use one wipe per handle and rub that dirt off. Let it dry in between cleanings. Once it's dry you can try it again to see if more will come off. There is a thread where a member cleaned her handles on a Ceresis speedy. I'll try to find it for you. Hang on.
  4. baby wipes yeah...
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