Need advice on picking a casual Chanel bag!

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  1. Hi! I'm a SAHM with 2 boys and I need to send them to school everyday, running errands etc. I'm thinking about getting one of these bags (in black) for grab-and-go but without compromising the style.

    1. Paris-Biarritz small shopping bag
    2. Modern chain (medium)
    3. Soft and chain

    Considering the durability (esp. scratching of leather and intactness of stiches) which one will you choose? Or any other suggestions? Or should I wait for the pre-fall bags? Thanks a lot in advance! :yahoo:
  2. Personally..I don't find any of the above bags are durable...
    For casual..I will select modern & chain. I think this is better than 1 & 3 in term durability as well.

    I would either suggest GST or wait for the pre-fall bags.
    Just to highlight, the prices are going up soon( info by one the forumner)so if the price is not an issue, do wait for something u really like to come along
  3. Thanks dlessy! But what is a GST? And is there a PST as well? (I'm quite new to the Chanel forum so please excuse my ignorance!) What do you think about a cloudy bundle bowler?
  4. What about a luxe tote :biggrin:! I find the GST will be very practical but the boxy shape may get in the way at times.....If you have narrow shoulders you'll find one strap will be constantly falling down if you don't tuck one under the other..and with kids running aroudn the fact that u'll need to pick things up off the floor etc, it might get a bit annoying.
  5. the GST= Grand shopping tote
    PST? petite shopping tote
    I think the GST is the perfect bag for you. It is casual, fits a lot of stuff, and in caviar its probably one of the most durable chanel bags.
    you should be able to find pics of the GST in the reference library
  6. I think expandable flap or modern chain will be good for every day use.
  7. what about a cotton club tote? it's casual and would hold stuff you shlep for the kids.
  8. ^^cotton club is great and so is the expandable. I also think the baby cabas is a great bag. (not sure how hard that will be to find though)
  9. I think the modern chain tote is extremely durable. However, if you are going to be doing a lot of running around it can get heavy with all of that leather. I have one and love it.
  10. Hi there--I am also a SAHM with one 2 year old and a new baby on the way. I have stayed away from all lambskin bags because of the softness of the leather (although they are gorgeous). I like a shoulder bag and I love the baby cabas. It holds so much and the leather is very, very durable. I have also stayed away from the GST because I have read that they tend to get heavy and it seems that things might fall right out when bending over.

    I loved the expandable. I didn't get one, but it looks like it could be a contender!
  11. What about the denim cabas? I'm a SAHM to 2 baby twin boys and I found the denim cabas the most useful, especially for running errands or going on a playdate. I was hesitant to get it in the beginning given that it's $1300 for just a denim bag, but after using it I just love it. It's easily accessible, light and you dont have to worry about scratching or be afraid to put it on the floor.
  12. baby cabas or expandable flap get my vote! I found the former is durable but the problem is there's no zipper. The expandable flap has zipper, but it's so soft that I doubt of its durability. Anyway, it's hard to find either one now. If I have to choose as a causal bag, baby cabas sounds more causal to me! Hope you can make your decision very soon. Don't forget to let us know.
  13. I agree about the MC tote. It is very casual, but still has great style and very "Chanel"... it is a bit heavy though.

    The Expandable flap might be a bit too precious, for everyday shlepping, IMHO.
  14. I say the Expandable! sorry, it's not on your list! :sad:
  15. I vote black baby cabas!! Very light weight and chic. Don't let the "it" bag status get in your way!
    I love the MC but it does get heavy.