Need advice on Petit Noe

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a Petit Noe and would like to get some feedback on it.

    Is it comfortable to wear?
    Does the strap slide off the shoulder?
    Is it heavy?

  2. It is comfortable to wear because of the longer straps. The strap doesn't slip off unless I have a thick thick winter coat on and is not heavy. I have three noe's (big and petit). I love love them all.
  3. I bought one a few years ago. I thought that it was comfortable, but I didn't like it.
    Because of the drawstring it's difficult to get in and out of- and if you leave it open it just looks sloppy.
    But the strap was comfy and it was a great size!
  4. I love the Noe, I have the big model and I find it very comfortable, the strap stays put on your shoulder and it is very roomy. I got used to the string and it doesn't bother me at all. I wore it all summer and it is very functional. I even carried champagne bottles to a party in it and even though the people at the party were a bit confused why I had the bottles in my purse, I was so happy to put the Noe to its intended use :smile:
    I haven't try the Petit Noe but I would assume it is as functional and I find soooooo cute!!! And it will get heavy if you put too many things in it, the bag itself is very light.
  5. I owned 2 of the regular noes and 1 petit. The strap is to die for ~ best strap LV makes. But the bag is just a pain to find anything inside. And the tie is bothersome ~ do you leave it loose so your can get into the bag anytime you want to, or do you tie it tight for security, and retie each time? I sold all of them. I like a bag that i can have a bit or organization in, and this one is not that bag.
  6. Thank you all.

    I can imagine that it is not always easy to find things in it given the shape. I have the same problem with my speedies - desperately trying to find something and always pulling out the wrong thing LOL

    These days I don't carry much so hopefully finding things in it wouldn't be a nightmare.
    Glad to hear that the strap is comfy.

    I'm watching one on Ebay, yellow epi with purple interior. But I'm not sure if I'm brave (or cool) enough to pull it off. What do you think of yellow epi? Yay or nay? Maybe I should go for a more conservative colour.

  7. This is what I call fabulous :cool:
  8. I love the yellow with purple! The epis are stiffer, too, and hold their shape better.
  9. Go for won't be disappointed!!! Had mine for years & still holds it beauty! Goodluck :smile:
  10. I don't have a petit Noe but I used to carry Noe Mono Large for almost 20 years before my sister snatched it from my closet LOL the strap of Noe Mono is the best IMO, I never find it heavy or any sort of discomfort carring Noe. My sister still keep and carry it today with no complaint whatsoever. HTH :smile:

  11. I saw a woman with a yellow epi Alma yesterday and I turned around to check out the bag :smile: Beautiful!

    I think this yellow-purple beauty is calling my name ...
  12. I have a petit in epi black (the older style). I sold my large one because it was too big for my small frame. I love my Noe. The strap is great and it's a style with great history. My only complaint is when you try to get something it's like searching from a bottomless pit. I would use a purse organizer or small make pouches to keep your belonging organized and easier to get.
  13. I have 3 epi Noes (green, blue and brown) and they are just gorgeous. I also own the Monogram large Noe, but I think it's the epi that catch eyes, as they are truly gorgeous...
    Btw, how is it to carry Speedy? I want Speedy too, but keep thinking how it is comfy to carry handheld only..?
  14. I have a green epi and I love it. I use it the whole summer. Soon I'm getting the mono noe to complete my collection of the first 3 LV original bags( speedy 30, alma and noe)
  15. Any news on the new epi noe with one color? I do want the indigo one. But on the website there are only the bi-colors.
    And about Speedy: I found out after 2 Speedys that I am more comfortable wearing a bag on my shoulder. I still love my Speedys but I am constantly aware of them when I carry them.