Need advice on NPB

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  1. This idiot bid on one of my LV bags then says she made a mistake and can't pay for the bag. I waited 7 days and filed a dispute then I waited 8 days so she could get a NPB strike. Do you think I should leave negative feedback or just let it go? I am so sick of flakes on eBay but I don't want her to leave me negative, will eBay remove it if she does? THANKS
  2. I always leave negatives for my npb. If they have had a strike for the transaction they cannot leave you feedback. If they left you feedback before the strike, the feedback will show but it will show up underneath about them being a non payer!
  3. leave a negative.if she didn't respond to the dispute, she can't leave you fb so no worries about retaliatory fb.
  4. She did respond to the dispute saying she didn't mean to bid, it was an accident...YADA, YADA.
  5. There have been too many of these bidding "accidents" lately. She was probably playing around and didn't expect to win. I hate to be competing with these idiots who use eBay as entertainment and just like to run up the prices.
  6. ITA, leave negative feedback for sure.
  7. Here is what it looks like... Buyer tried to put bad :hs:but this is what happened...
    Still stinks- they put that ~ but obvious it was retalitory... What is a rear purse anyway??? lol What a dumba$$ :push: Can't pay and can't TYPE... :roflmfao:

    was not rear purse like i was told Buyer: xxxxxxx( [​IMG])
    Jul-11-07 19:17
    • Reply by xxxxxx(Jul-13-07 09:07):

      Bogus feedback-Buyer Bid Auction-Won Auction-ABANDONED Auction-NONPAYING Bidder
      • Rating withdrawn by eBay
        Buyer didn't respond to the Unpaid item notification for this transaction.
  8. So will EBAY remove negative feedback from her? What I'm confused about is some say she can't leave feedback and others say she can but EBAY won't change my score.

  9. This person left negative feedback (well after the non paid transaction) and ebay removed the red mark on the feedback page and didn't charge my score. :yes:

    The "sale" was at the end of April and this person left their remarks in July... They can leave feedback within the 90 days it just doesn't count for anything...BUT YES THERE REMARKS WILL BE THERE ---
  10. Ebay doesn't remove the negative from the non paying bidder they remove the negative they leave you in your feedback (if they do so)
  11. I would leave a negative. even if she leaves you one people are going to see that her credibility is nill when they see she stiffed you. and please post the offenders ebay id in the NPB thread in the E-Bay forum. I block everyones id that turns up there so I don't have to potentially deal with these kinds of deadbeats.
  12. Thanks! This is the first time in over 1 1/2 years.