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  1. hi ladies. well, i had my baby on May 16. he was 9lbs 2oz. and 20 in. long. big boy, i know. and what's crazy is that i don't know how he could've ever fit in me. i'm 4'11" and started my pregnancy at 95lbs. ended at 132lbs.

    so anyway, i'm having trouble getting this lil guy to go sleep at night. he gets really fussy and always wants a bottle. he can't seem to go sleep without one and i don't want him to get use to that. and when i am feeding him he gets real frustrated and starts tightening up his body. is this normal? does he act this way because he's not getting enough formula at once? for all you mothers and grandmothers, how do i get my fussy newborn to sleep peacefully at night? HELP?!
  2. Sounds like he is not getting enough to eat? Could be colic. Do you have a public health nurse to help you and determine the cause?

    It could be many things including gas on his tummy. Need further help don't hesitate to PM me! Good luck and Congrats on your new baby!:flowers:
  3. Congratulations ! Sounds like he wants to suck, have you tried a pacifier to see if he likes the comfort to fall asleep? It is a good idea for the first few months, but when you have established the feeding times, it is easier to wean off a pacifier earlier than later.Take rest when he sleeps as much as you can, to help yourself recover. Do you have anyone to help you?
  4. So you are formula feeding? The tightening issue could be due to may want to consider switching formula. There are several soy based and Lactose free ones that may be better for his tummy.

    You may also want to try a different position when you feed him. Does he eat better if he is upright? You may want to try stopping every 6-8 minutes to burp him, in case he has some gas inside that is preventing him from eating comfortably.
  5. Okay, you won't want to hear this, but *meet his needs, you won't spoil him!*
    The first 3 mos are the hardest, particularly the first 6 weeks, there's even something called a 6 week peak because it's the toughest phase.
    But he lived in you for 9 mos, it will take at least 3 for him to acclimate.
    He could possibly have reflux, but most babies experience discomfort while or after feeding for the first several months, their little bodies are just still so new and still developing.
    Which formula are you using? Bottles? How often is he eating?
    LMK, but remember that it's completely normal for babies to not sleep more than 4 hours at a time until 6 mos or later.
    (((I know how hard it is))
  6. Ooooh, also, there's a book that I and LOTS of other Mommies of twins and singletons swear by called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Weisbluth I think - go to and get this today!
  7. Sounds like gas..with the squirming....make sure hes not sucking up air bubbles..AND CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Babies are amazing ...once they settle in!! I also gave my kids pacifiers and they ALWAYS worked like a charm....Good luck and feel free to Pm me for any advice...I miss the baby age!
  8. is he breast fed or formula? If formula, sometimes changing the brand helps alot. When they tighten their little bodies up, it usually means they have a cramp or gas. He may need a soy formula. or sometimes the hole in the nipple is too large or too small. Its usually something very simple and it will work out. We have all been there! is this your first baby?
  9. My son was very sensitive to the first forumla he was on. We ended up switching to soy, which he couldn't handle, and then to a lactose free forumla. We didn't have too many issues after that. My son was a little pig that ate every two hours for about the first month. He gradually slowed down after that, but I got very very little sleep for the first couple of weeks! We did use a pacifier for about the first five months and then he weaned himself off of it, thank goodness!

    Mylicon drops were a godsend for a gassy tummy. We used them all the time.

    Good luck!
  10. It sounds like he's not eating enough. I agree with Swanky - meet his needs. Why don't you want him to have a bottle to go to sleep? I got advice from EVERYONE UNDER THE SUN when I had my daughter. The BEST advice came from my mother. My doctors told me to "get her on an eating schedule ASAP! My mom basically said, "Bull! People are too hung up on schedules! You're home with her so let her eat and sleep as she pleases. And when SHE sleeps, YOU sleep". I took her advice and it worked like a charm! Honestly. I was on HER schedule, she wasn't on mine and it was fine with me.

    Are you home with him? Feed him when he wants to be fed. If he needs a bottle to fall asleep, let him. Personally, I don't see the harm. He knows when he's hungry and when he's full, he will stop eating. I agree that you may need to switch the formula or he may have reflux. My daughter had it. Make sure he burps really, really good. It's very important.

    Anyway, believe me when I say that babies know what they need and they tell us in their own way. I hope everything works out for him and for you!
  11. you are so right. A schedule for a baby is rediculous. I even used to hate to hear people say not to pick up a crying baby...I always held my kids when they cried and fed them when they wanted. "a schedule" was never in my mindset either. Babies need all the attention when THEY need it and it does make them happier and also makes the mother happier.
  12. Hi...first....CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby!! This is a really tough time, as I am sure you are sleep deprived, and also trying to acclimate to a new schedule for yourself. I have 3 kids, and I will offer what advice I can. All of my children were breastfed, and I remember feeding them every two hours when they were newborn. I heard that bottle fed babies went a little longer between feedings, maybe 3 or 4 hours. Don't get so hung up on schedules right now...the most important thing is SURVIVAL!!! Feed the baby when he is hungry...the schedules come later. Newborns need to eat quite I would recommend that bottle at night. If he is formula-fed, I can recommend a good one, as I supplemented sometimes. My kids were really picky, as they were used to breast milk, but I found after some hits and misses that Carnation Goodstart tasted the most similar to breast milk and was easy on their tummies. Good luck, and hang in there....swankymama is right the first 6 weeks are the most trying...then it will settle down, and the routine will follow naturally.
  13. I agree with print*model! My son never believed in schedules, and after some time, he was on a regular schedule that he naturally set. If he was hungry, I fed him. Tired, I let him sleep. I just followed his ques, and it worked for us.

    As for the squirming, my son did hte same thing when I weaned him from breastfeeding. After trying lactose free and then soy (per my pediatrician) with no success, the doctor had me put him on Alimentum (made by similac, its predigested proteins)! And its been smooth sailing ever since, well, at least until he starting teething. If you can, try to get into a night time routine with your baby- whether it be a bath, then play some music. It eventually triggers to the baby that its sleepy time. We do a bath, play music and then give him a bottle. it works like a charm! And now that he has a couple of teeth, we make sure to wipe his mouth out/brush them just before he goes down into the crib. My doctor was also a proponent for pacifiers, and we still use one to put him to sleep or in major need during hte day (I don't allow him to use it unless absolutely necessary during the day!- and he spits it out right when he falls asleep, and I don't put it back in!) Just find what works for you and your baby!
  14. Print*Model, you took the words right out of my mouth!! This is the best advice, it also worked for me too. Believe me, the first months are the toughest! I lived in my nightgown 90% of the time and taking a shower was a luxury because everything revolved around the baby. I even had to sleep sitting up holding my baby in a secured harness! He was a "difficult" baby and to make things worse, I had a C Section, my DH just started his new job after being laid off (when 9/11 hit us) I had no family, and I didn't want to bother any of my friends, so it was just me. I would cry alot, because I was soo exhausted. But, as weeks/months go by you will get to know your baby and soon you'll figure out what he/she wants. It will DEFINITELY will get better, when mothers would keep telling me this, I wanted to scream WHEN!...and sure enough it did. Also, there should be places in your area for new mothers, they get together along with a nurse and help one another from problems with breastfeeding to baby massages. Congrats and takecare.
  15. I have 4 kids. I breast fed all them for the first 3 months and always made sure to get very serious burps out of them before they were ever put down after eating. Many times I put the newborn in the car seat and drove around the block over and over to help them fall asleep. Never did I once use a schedule for any of the 4 kids! The slightest sound and in went my boob. They all loved to have a pacifier when I would put them down to sleep. After a few minutes the pacifier would fall out and I would remove it from the crib.....acutually I used a Moses Basket when they were newborns.
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