need advice on namecard holder

  1. Hi,everyone,I am considering getting a namecard holder, I went to H several days ago, but seems that they do not have many selections. So, I thought maybe you could give me some suggestion on what style is your favorite. Thanks
  2. A business card holder?
  3. yes, sorry, business card holder, my bad English...:sweatdrop:
  4. There are actually many different business namecard holders. I'm not in the market for one, so I am completely clueless of the names and prices.

    I think the most expensive one is the Bearn namecard holder. Which is also the most feminine.
  5. There is the clarisse PM and then there is that fabulous one someone posted months ago.... I can't remember where to find the pic... anyone?
  6. Thank you , rose, and mrssparkles. I would definitely choose among them and call my SA thank you