Need advice on my next Bbag!


Which Bbag should I get?

  1. Ink City!

  2. Ink Twiggy!

  3. Rouge vif City!

  4. Rouge vif Twiggy!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok I know questions like this must get asked a lot but I really need some advice!

    I have decided to go for my next Bbag. I already have these two:

    2006 Grenat City and 2004 Turquoise Twiggy
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (Sadly, my twiggy is off to get restored by Lovinmybags so I won't see her for another month.)

    I'm looking to buy either Ink or Rouge vif in a City or Twiggy style. If you had to pick one combination, which would you choose?
  2. I say Ink city. Ink is a much more versatile color in my opinion.
  3. ^^ ditto, if you can get your hands on one ;)
  4. I voted Ink City too!! It's a neat color and the City is very versatile (sp?)! It would also fit in well with your two other pretty bags!
  5. Is it really very hard to find?
  6. I just love your Bbags Audrey. I'm thinking about getting a Rouge VIF Box for my first Balenciaga and later down the road either a black or ink City. I think the Ink City would look GREAT on you!!
  7. im torn between the rouge city and ink twiggy... but just wanted to say you have lovely bags Ali :flowers:
  8. If you like greens, the sapin is very nice. First I thought it was too dark but the more I look at it in person (the sheen really doesn't come out well in pictures), the more I like it.

    It's a current color so shouldn't be too hard to find
  9. Beautiful bags, Audrey! :heart: I voted for the ink city. The city will be a harder to find, though I have seen a couple pop up on eBay. But I've heard that a few stores still carry the ink twiggy. Good luck on your decision, and keep us updated!
  10. I voted ink city, since I love that size and color. It's the one I will ne getting soon! (only 44 days left)
  11. INK CITY
    Rouge Vif CITY
    then go for the TWIGGYS... :Push: ekekek, i hate deciding...
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