need advice on my next bag

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  1. ok so i am very torn. i really want 3 bags- a red epi speedy, a damier speedy and a red epi passy. i don't know if i will ever be able to afford the passy. but right now i can swing the epi speedy (if it's used) or a damier speedy (ditto). i am bidding on a damier speedy on ebay but i am not winning it (i know the reserve though). so- do i bid the reserve on the damier speedy or wait to find a good red epi? i personally love the new red epis but i don't think i can afford one in the store (i wish!)

    then again i could save my money and pay off my ccs. but a bag would be nicer. lol.

    oh and for the record i just got a black epi noe. i bought it for my mom on ebay but she doesn't like it so now it's mine (or resell it)

    advice would be appreciated. thanks!
  2. well never mind. somoene bought the speedy i was bidding on. funnily enough i keep getting sniped on everything. anyway, i would pull this thread but i don't know how.
  3. I'd prefer either the Damier Speedy or the Red Epi Speedy instead of the Red Epi Passy... But the bleeding problem in Damier Speedy will bug me forever (even if the one I bought does not have the problem - yes, I'm paranoid like that)... So I'd go for the Red Epi Speedy, which looks stunning.

    Do you have the Mono Speedy already?
  4. My vote is for the damier speedy - LOVE mine!
  5. I know i'm probably going to be the only who says this...but why don't you pay off the cc's first. Unless your talking some sort of 0% intrest cc debt. Because in the long run your going to waste a lot of money on that could buy you a new lv!
  6. Epi speedies are great!!
  7. agree:yes:
  8. i completely agree :yes:. it's better to pay everything off first then start over, because if you buy another bag now you'll sink deeper into debt and in the end it'll be a pain to pay it all off
  9. i completely agree with Monogramboy and yeuxhonnetes.

    pay off your bills, save up some money, and enjoy your bags without worrying about debt! :yes:
  10. From 3 choices I have damier speedy and epi speedy. Passy is pretty bag . I think at this point , you will get more use out of damier speedy . OR even better pay off your CC, you will enjoy your bag better if you have no debts.
  11. My thoughts exactly, if you pay of your cc then you could buy a bag with it.
  12. red epi speedy is the way to go :smile:
  13. i do have a mono speedy (bought on ebay for 150! yay!)

    thanks guys. i am waiting to decide and in the meantime will help pay down my ccs.
  14. I vote to pay off your credit cards first...and once you do, then go for the damier speedy!

    Good luck! You'll enjoy your new bags so much more when you're debt free...and what a great way to treat yourself once you're finally there!
  15. Pay off the CCs first. Then get a red epi speedy!