Need advice on my new Speedy 30!!!

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  1. I purchased my first Louis Vuitton bag a week ago in store. I have only been using it for the past 4 days and have come across a few things I’m not sure if I should be worrying about or if I need to exchange it.

    As the Speedy 30 comes packaged flat, I know you should expect some creases in the bag, the creases are on both sides of the bag, handle to handle! You can only really see it in certain lights and because I’m eagle eyed I notice it straight away! I’m not sure if this will just come out eventually just by using the bag?

    Also the leather zipper pull seems to have creases/wrinkles in already after only using the bag 4 days. Is this normal wear and tear or should this not happen after only using the bag a handful of times?

    250035FF-28AB-431C-ABFC-FA896A9917BA.jpeg 17158647-12E4-4F31-87A4-32FF85490F22.jpeg F30EA4B9-0BB8-44F3-A0EA-50DA4704FAD7.jpeg
  2. Both things are normal, but returning is always an option if you’re unhappy.
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  3. don't worry. this is normal.
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  4. Normal.

    For my Speedy 25 I bought a custom pillow on Amazon that fills the purse volume. This has helped reduce creasing.
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  5. You have weared the bag 4 days. So you can‘t exchange it no more. I think that would not be correct!
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  6. Thank you everyone! I did call them yesterday, they said if I was to take the bag back to store they will be able to replace the zipper pull or I can exchange it for a new one.

    I wanted to see if both the creasing on the canvas and the zipper pull wrinkling is normal after 4 days of use, as I didn't want a wasted journey if this was to happen to a new bag if I was too exchange.
  7. the leather creasing is normal, this will also happen with the next one as this is coated leather.
    The canvas will even out with wear, also stuffing it when not in use helps.
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  8. You have to use the bag for the creases to come out. My ~10 year old speedy still has very faint signs of the creases because I rotate my bags a lot.
    You can exchange for another or replace the tab, but I do expect the next one will start off perfect and end up wrinkling. Personally it's not worth the hassle for me.
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  9. your bag looks great!
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  10. Thanks for the advice, I’m glad both things are normal so I can stop stressing!!
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  11. I think you're bag looks great. The creases will eventually come out- especially the more you carry it. I wouldn't let the zipper pull bother me. You can always get it replaced later on if it gets worse. :smile:
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