Need advice on my first Damier

  1. Hi Guys,

    After spending a lot of time here the last two weeks (I'm on vacation) I've convinced myself that I NEED to add a Damier bag to my collection (it's posted in the bag showcase under Rileygirl's Collection). I would appreciate any suggestions from you purseaholics about which one I should get. I also want to get one of the smaller Damier wallets or card holders and would love suggestions for that.

    Our sales tax is going up on the 1st of Jan and my DH gave me the go ahead to get the goodies (I convinced him that this would be my Valentine's Day present so no flowers for me this year) this week.

    Appreciate all the help!!!!!!:p
  2. Hi! What type of bag do you like...shoulder or handheld?
    Larger or smaller sized bags?

    For wallets, I love my damier koala! It holds a lot and is easy to use and adorable!
  3. the 6 credit card wallet is good...that's what i have..

    the koala wallet might be too big for what u're hoping for!

    as for a bag...
    1) damier speedy 25
    2) damier belem pm
    3) damier saleya pm

    all 3 of them are enough for everyday usage!
  4. I have the koala on the top of my list. I think that's probably the one for sure. As for bags, I do prefer shoulder and love the Saleya BUT it is a tad bit out of my range (I got two monos for xmas and can't justify the Saleya so close to xmas). My mono collection doesn't really have anything very "interseting" in it and seems boring to me now so I need all the help I can get. Here's my mono collection by the way:
    lv collection.jpg
  5. I have been itching for my first Damier too .. my first choice was a Duomo but a Saleya MM came my way and wow its a great first piece for me .. see what your preferences are and I'm sure the advice here will guide you well.

    Definitely the Koala sounds like good advice, that's what I'm thinking too .. cheers for your DH for giving you the go ahead! grats on your upcoming Damier :smile:
  6. rensky had some other good choices besides the saleya like the belem pm (very unique) and the speedy 25 (can't go wrong here).
    of course, neither is shoulder bag. what about the belem mm?
  7. Wow, I am loving the duomo and the belem!!!!!!!! Maybe I can justify the price by making it my Valentine's Day present AND my birthday present?! LOL. Thanks for the great advice they are beautiful bags ( I'm googling them for pix)!!!!
  8. the belem mm is nice too..i don't prefer shoulder bags that's why i didn't suggest that..i've seen someone with it and it's a great shoulder bag! the flat straps make it comfortable on the shoulder! if u like big bags, that's the one to go!

    personally i don't prefer the saleya mm/gm because of the rolled handles, however, u might like it!

    for the duomo..i didn't suggest it because it's too big for a handheld IMO.. and it looks too similar to the speedy!

  9. Can you recommend the smaller bags then?

    By the way, as I post my DH and my friend are reading these posts and laughing at me!!! Ugh!
  10. You mean smaller damier shoulder bags?

    If so..the musette..if don't mind a flat bag...or the damier papillon used as a shoulder bag...

    the damier pap 30 might be a bit bulky on one end...the musette may be better!

  11. How about the smaller hand-helds?

    When I got my mono pap 25 I almot got the Damier pap 25 so I did like that style.
  12. I like the belem PM!! It's such a cute damier bag! :love:
  13. damier speedy 30
  14. here are the smaller handhelds of my choice..

    1) belem pm
    2) ribera mini
    3) sarria mini

    a lot of ppl don't like the sarria mini..and i have both the belem pm and ribera mini...i must say i prefer the belem pm a lot more! just because it can hold so much more compared to the ribera mini...both of them are highly structured!

    i've included some pictures for your reference!

  15. I'd suggest Saleya PM and Koala wallet.