Need advice on my first Cartier!

  1. Okay, ladies. I am in search for a white gold watch for everyday use. Right now, I have a 18k yellow gold president Rolex with black onyx face. At first, I was thinking of an 18k white gold datejust Rolex (similar to my yellow gold one) or the Ballon Blue Cartier. But now, I'm thinking of going with a Cartier, but not Ballon Blue. I am torn between the Roadster or the Tortue. Pleaasseeee help me choose! BTW, I am a jeans kindda gal. I really don't wear dresses or skirts, even to go out at night. Mind you, I'm not a tomboy. :nogood: Thank you very much in advance for your help! (photos from
    roadstersilver.JPG roadsterblack.JPG Tortue.JPG
  2. I would love the diamond roadster in white gold. And you could have so much fun with the different bands which are tdf!!!! Especially if you are a jeans gal....this is the perfect has presence and glamour in a casual way. I think this watch has it all!!!!!

    I was tossing up getting it in the ss, but I would grab it in a heart beat in the diamond white gold combo!!!!!
  3. Definitely go the Roadster:tup:

    It's classic and sporty, I think it will be timeless.
  4. Roadster!
  5. I like the Tortue because the Roadster has a similar bracelet to a Rolex.. one you already have. And I prefer the slimmer look of the Tortue:smile:
  6. Tortue
  7. Thank you, ladies, for your advice. I've decided to go with the Tortue. It seems to fit my small wrist better than the roadster. Now, should I pick the one with black satin band or the white gold band? I'm leaning toward the black band, but can I wear that for daytime? Thank you again in advance. :flowers:
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  8. I think the black band would be more for evening/dressy occasions. The white gold band will take you anywhere.
  9. tortue all white gold.
  10. All white gold and then later on purchase the strap so you can switch for a dressy evening.
  11. tortue all white gold!
  12. I would go with the all white gold. The black satin seems like its only suited to really dressy.
  13. I agree I would go with the Roadster, goes great with jeans.
  14. :heart:Tortue all white gold :heart:
  15. [​IMG]I love love love this watch! its actually my favorite Cartier style that I have seen. A little chunkier then the tank but not as chunky as the roadster. The roadster is a little too chunky for my taste, I also have a small wrsit and I know the roadster would never work on me. The torque is more streamlined and classic but still causul and slightly chunky. I prefer metail bands as opposed to leather bands so i wouldnt get the middle one.