Need Advice on MY 1st Chloe Bag

  1. Hi

    I just received my first Chloe Paddy Bag which I purchased from eBay.

    First I want to say it is a beautiful bag but the reason why I need advice is, the bag is clearly used with a lot of stains and markings. I email the seller after I received the bag and told her within the listing that she stated in NEW CONDITION. On top of the listing it did state lovingly used. My husband told me not to make a big deal as this is my B-day gift but I feel it is too much for such a used bag??? & this is my first Chloe!
    These are my own pics which I took.
    The stains and black marks are obvious! It would have taken me years and multiple, I mean many many uses to get this bag in this condition.
    Please ladies what do you think? Please read her listing and let me know would you have thought you would be getting a bag in this condition?

  2. :yes:Hi there hawaiianorchid - well I've had a look at the photos and had a look at the listing. The rub mark on the outside the seller stated she couldn't pick up on a camera. Well, you managed to! If you check the listing - you can see the photo of the 'Chloe' heatstamp on the inside, she has shown the serial tag in the same shot - and now you can tell why - it hides the pen mark to the side of it. Its clearly been well used - but its not a disaster! Honestly! I know that you will be disappointed in the condition - I know I'd have gone mad! However, the lining can be cleaned and also - the rub mark on the leather may be able to be cleaned. Check the reference library and you may find some tips for cleaning. Also, there was a member who bought a paddy which had a dirty lining, and I know she cleaned it very successfully - I just can't remember what with. I'm trying to remember who it was. Let me think about that one. Don't try to clean it with anything yet - lets wait and see if we can find the right thing.

    What I would say though is that the item is not really as described. Its clear that the seller has taken the photos in order - IMO - to deceive in respect of condition. She has mentioned a couple of marks on the inside and the rub mark outside - but its obvious that its in worse condition that that. I'd be inclined to mail the seller and state that I wasn't happy with the condition, and that you consider that in your view its SNAD - see what she says. It is possible to file a dispute in this respect - but I'm not sure on what this involves - although photographic evidence I'm sure will definitely find in your favour.

    Lets see what others think - and in the meantime check the reference library to see if there are tips on cleaning. However, I wouldn't do it meantime - as if you are willing to consider a dispute - you need the bag to remain 'as is'.

    I would say - that the bag - the leather etc., is all intact - so its more cosmetic than bodily damage - but its still very annoying:cursing:
  3. I would not be happy with the condition of the bag and I feel that the photos were misleading. Even though she described some of the damage in her listing, it was not really complete and the photos were deliberately shot to hide the extent of the damage.

    I would return it if I were you. Especially since it's your bday present and first Chloe, you want it to be something you can feel really happy about! I can't help you much with the details of handling such a dispute because I've never gone through it myself, but I'm sure you can get lots of good advice in this forum.
  4. ^^
    i think someone mentioned (debi_f?) using hairspray to remove ink stains from leather.
    i remember that someone did clean the inside of a bag quite successfully, she even had pics of the before and after...take a look in the chloe reference library, i'll see if i can find it.
    there was a link in the chloe section regarding a bussiness called which repairs and restores designer bags.
    but i do agree that her pics are deceiving. i think, if that's what you want, that you should be able to file a item not as described dispute as lescoy says.
  5. Oh my. I'm sorry you have to go through this. I think you should definitely contact the seller. Did you want a partial refund or a complete refund? Personally I wouldn't be happy with the condition of the bag, especially for that price! The seller was deliberately misleading in her descriptions and in her pictures!

    That said, you could probably clean it. Have a chat to hmwe46. She did a wonderful job with a paddy that she received in a similar condition. The interior was revolting, but the exterior leather was ok. I'm not sure what to do about the ink. And that gum in one of the pictures??? Gross!!

    I guess it depends on how much you want the bag. If you want to keep it, try to get a partial refund first before trying to clean it! Contact HM, get her opinion on if it's repairable.

    Good luck!

    PS. The seller's feedback is not too good...not wonder! Grr...
  6. I am sorry to see this happen to you - a veritable eBay nightmare. Perhaps the seller could pay for the professional reconditioning? She should have done that to begin with before offering it for sale at that price.
  7. I TOTALLY know how you feel. i bought a bag off of eBay that was advertised "clean and in excellent condition" - paid $950 for it - and when i received it, found it marked, stained, and very broken. i petitioned the seller and got a partial refund, and then i sold it at a starting bid that was less than half of the price she sold to me.

    i would really suggest forwarding those same pictures to the seller and asking for at least a partial refund, because a bag in that condition is not worth $900. and if you can clean it, great - but you still should not have had to pay that much!
  8. A couple marks on the inside from a pencil but again, hardly noticible.
    - Yea right... the stains aren't looking hardly noticible to me!

    I agree with others, you should contact the seller and try to get a partial refund if you love the bag. If not then I would return it because it's definitely not as promised. The leather looks yummy though and I agree it's not a disaster but still.... it's not as stated.

    If you'll get the partial refund & want to keep here's post by hmwe46 how she got the lining cleaned (see post 54):

    Good luck!:tup:
  9. anything with alcohol in will remove ink stains!
    perfume, hairspray anthing like that,
    if you not happy file a cliam and send it back, miss leading sellers are not trustworthy and it seems she was trying to stich you up on purpose, if she had listed it correctly she would have sold it for a lot less!
  10. I have really sympathy with you.

    When I read the description I thought that the damage would be really subtle and it certainly isn't. I think that there should have been realistic photos of the stains and wear. Instead they have all been taken to flatter the bag. I would hope that Ebay and Paypal would rate this as 'not as described'.

    It is hardly that you bid the price up. She was asking so much for it in the first place!!! Thank heaven that you reduced the cost somewhat at the start. I would want to return the bag or be given a hefty price reduction.

    Good luck!!!
  11. So sorry to that you have to go thru this. Emotionally picked up, finally dream bag has arrived, and then this! I would say that this is an item not as described. And I agree with others, either return it, or try to get the seller to do a partial refund. I hope everything will work out for you in the end. Good luck.
  12. It's a gorgeous bag, but I would be very upset with the condition of the bag after paying $900. I hope you can resolve something with the seller. Good luck and let us know what happens. I say try to return or get some money back.
  13. moving to ebay section. Thank you!
  14. All, am I the only one who thinks it's strange that her bag is used but still has tags on it in the photo? Seems fishy....
  15. What a dissapointment. At least most of the marks are on the inside. I would contact the seller and see if she will give you a partical refund, if not file a claim with paypal for item not as described.